which one is better, ON 100% WHEY or MM?

  1. Exclamation which one is better, ON 100% WHEY or MM?

    im new to bodybuilding and right now i cant decide whether which 1 is better.. Please help!

  2. Well, MM has a lot more sugar and fat compared to ON's but MM also tastes damn good ON's taste pretty good too though. Since they both have several versions and prices i would have to say that generically speaking, i'd go with ON.

  3. Oh.... then i guess ill go with ON : ) Have u tried the 100% whey chocolate that is natural?

  4. I've tried just about every ON protein product out there. It's a solid product but there are other proteins you can try that are solid as well. Anabolic innovations and True Protein have forums here that you can check.

  5. ON 4 life

  6. Thanks for the information!! im planning to go to GNC on sunday and i have 1 more question does the powder really help rebuild muscles faster?

  7. what are you thinking? Don't waste your money paying double the price at GNC,Please don't waste you money there...
    order your stuff online. www.nutraplanet.com is by far my favorite supplier for my sup needs and wants.

    And whey doesn't just build muscle in itself, but when supplemented with a good diet and workout rutine, it will aid in faster recovery, there for faster muscle growth.

  8. thanks for helping me rumpnuts i guess ill ask my dad to order the powder online then : )

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub View Post
    ON 4 life
    Bump to that. ON's 10lb bag is pretty unbeatable and their quality is proven.

    Muscle Milk is a completely different type of protein. It is mainly casein but it's delicious. Since you're in the weight loss forum I'd suggest ON since Muscle Milk has a good amount of fat.

  10. Whatever you do don't go to GNC, and you don't have to get ON, try whatever you want.

  11. I like the taste of Dymatize..

    ON is bomb stuff!

    True Protein is alright, i am currently using that. Almost out and going to try something else. Not the best mixibility, or taste.

    I planned on ordering 10lbs of dymatize eliete whey, 5lbs on ON, and wanted to try cytosports complete whey? Anyone ever try the complete whey?

  12. Nope I never tried complete whey or any supplements before but I'm going be getting ON 100% whey double rich chocolate soon... If I order it online usually how long would it take to deliver it to my door?

  13. Standard shipping to my house is 2-3 days.

  14. NP is pretty damn fast. i've had sh!t arrive the next day when just paying for regular shipping. 10lbs bag is where's it at, that'll keep ya busy.

  15. Hey so ON 100% whey double chocolate actually taste like chocolate right?

  16. muscle milk and on 100% whey are two entirely different products in my opinion. muscle milk=meal replacement or before bed protein. 100% whey= pre and post workout protein, also can be drank with meals as a beverage for extra protein, 100% whey is more versatile in my opinion.

  17. I developed an intolerance to Whey unfortunately so I have to use slower digesting proteins in moderation.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    I developed an intolerance to Whey unfortunately so I have to use slower digesting proteins in moderation.
    whats intolerance? :S

  19. Tears my stomach up and causes a lot of digestion issues which leads to a lot of other issues.


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