Freaking out

  1. Freaking out

    Hi all.

    i have been working out for aprox 5 months now.

    i have lost 8% bodyfat.

    i am currently on 20% and have been there for about 6 weeks,

    i am aplost sure that i have reached a plato. ( thats why i am freaking out )

    i do weight lifting 4 times a week and play touch rugby 3 times a week. (HIIT)

    i am currently using no supplements at all but i am willing to use anything to pass this illusive barrier.

    i have done some research on different supps, but i don't whanna buy stuff that does not work.

    i also have a ballaced diet in place.

    what would be the best supps to use from protien to fat burners.



  2. these are the supps i had a look at.

    Biotest Hot Rox


    Ephradrine + caffiene

    and USN Whey protien

  3. Maybe you should return to maintenance level calories for a week or so and then slowly lower again to your chosen caloric deficit.

    Or try something like carb/calorie cycling.

    Normally I'd say increase your activity but you sound pretty maxed out in that area already.

    I personally would never take a fat burner or any other unhealthy chemical stack. If I can't do it on my own I don't deserve it.

  4. If your training is that active/intensive then diet is always the causitive factor for plateaus. Tweak it and see.

    Supplements will work, but if your diet is not modified to fit your new size/energy output etcetera, the fat will come right back when you stop using , they are a bandaid.

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