what to stack??????????please help!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Exclamation what to stack??????????please help!!!!!!!!!!


    i want to try the 11 OXO, but im wanting to stack it with something like venom 3.0, or anything really. im looking to drop about 15 pounds from now til mid september. my diet and cardio will be in check. i've read multiple combos on this board, but i just need a clear cut stack that is tried and proven. thanks in advance everyone!

    best regards

  2. 15lbs...

    Age? Height? Weight? BF%?

    Personally, I wouldn't recommend 11oxo for your goal. Then again I don't know your stats. Venom alone should do the trick (or Leviathan, or RPM, or ECA).

  3. soorry bro...the stats r as follows:

    196.4 lbs
    17% bf
    34yrs old

  4. Well are you looking to stack something with 11 oxo + PH/PS or 11 oxo + fat burner?

    11 oxo seems like it slims the stomach section greatly, so if that is your main criteria, try a topical fat burner and if you wish tweak it with some clen.
    Eca is always a great addition also as a fat burner.

  5. yeah the 11 oxo + a fat burner. any other suggestions?

  6. CLA
    green tea

    Do a google and you can see there are plenty of studies showing these work.
    And of course adding anytype of stimulants will help.

  7. i think im gona go w leviathan and retain 2.0, what do u guys think??????

  8. If your diet and cardio are in check then why do you need a fat burner? You can burn 15lbs of fat by mid September through diet and exercise.

  9. very true my man but like most on the board im searching for that extra edge at this time.


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