serious fat burning

  1. serious fat burning

    from april 2007 until now i have lost 5 inches of fat of my stomach while staying the same wieght on the scale, so that must mean i also gained muscle mass cuz it sure looks like it in the mirror. im 6'2" 200 lb and now lean with a 4 pack ( the other 2 r stuck in traffic, they'll be here). that's a huge accomplishment for me because i've tryed many supps b4 to lose fat and or gain muscle and it always seemed i stayed the same. until i tried this on thing out... are yall ready??? change to a healthy diet!!!!! that made all the difference in the world, no other supp. can compare to eating lean meals 4-6 times a day wether you're bulking or cutting. ofcoarse i still took protien shakes and vitaimins, ect. i just thought i should post this to all the "helpless" people out there resorting to enhansers before trying the essentals..... diet!!! thanks everyone

  2. Congrats on your great accomplishment! I am in gearing toward the same boat. I started working out again last monday and so far I already feel a difference in energy, confidence, and self esteem. What was your workout schedule?

  3. pretty much id start of with heavy ab work, then i'd lift the muscle group for that day, then end it off with running a mile on the tredmill

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