Need help for my friend.

  1. Need help for my friend.

    Ok, my friend is a cheerleader, 14 almost 15 years old and she needs to lose 20lbs by school I guess and her mom (30 something) also wants to lose a lot of weight. So being the nice person I am I told them I'd make up a diet and workout for them . But I need a little bit of help for that, I think I got most of it down but would like some input and ideas. She also needs some upper body strength for cheerleading so I need to work on something for that to. I want to be a personal trainer when I'm older so I figured might try starting out on small things like this lol.

    Weight loss workouts=

    Everyday running, gradualy working up to longer run everyday. She's not very athletic so I figured start out 5 min run a day and go up 5 min every week till she gets about 30 min a day. Then after every jog stretch then cool down as a 5 walk or something.

    Then everyday do abs like start out every day 25 crunches, 25 cross over crunch (not sure what its called but you have a leg crossed and touch your elbow to that knee), 25 sit ups, and 25 strait leg sit ups.

    Diet is the hard part cuz she thinks that if she works out and doesn't eat much she can eat what she wants.. but im convincing her that she needs to eat right and do the workouts.


    Veggies- salad, carrots, cucumber, etc.
    Fruit- strawberries, kiwi, bananas, etc.
    Then only drink water and skim milk (I doubt she'll listen to me about the milk.. and I'm trying to convince her not to drink diet pop but I doubt she'll listen to that either haha)
    Other food then like fat free yogurt, whole wheat bread, lean meats, etc.

    Then she likes to eat a lot so I figured maybe Hoodia or something? I won't recomend any kind of supplement to her until she gets her workouts and diet in check for a while.

    Then for upper body strength I don't want to get her ripped looking or nothing cuz its nasty when girls have muscles.. .

    Monday= between 3-10 sets of 20-40 reps curling a 5lb or 8lb dbell.

    Tuesdays and Thursdays= pushups start out 15 or 25 a day and work up till she can get a 100 a day, like say add 5 every week.

    Wedsday= wrist curls same sets and reps and probly weights as Mondays workout.

    Friday= military press (with dbell) same sets and reps but probably higher weight maybe like 10s or 15s.

    Thanks ahead of time

  2. so she's a noob to workin out; i'll give you a break there on the workouts then. cuz the list of things you have there are very basic and could all be done in one workout. but i'm assuming she doesn't have much of athletic base, which is why you are taking it so easy on her?

    Run starts with 15 minutes, not 5. increase time by 1 minute a day, makes for easier transitions. work up to 30-40. im not talking about jogging here either. 50 yard sprints, followed by 100 yards walking, repeat for 15 minutes. sprint intervals burn more fat in less time than jogging, and helps the body maintain muscle. thats why sprinters are ripped and marathon runners look anorexic

    the "cross over crunch" is actually a bicycle crunch, good guess though. those are great. i would lower the number of all ab exercises to 15, and have her do two sets. this will allow her to focus on each contraction more. make sure with situps shes not using her hands to pull her head up. you may actually want to have her start with even fewer of these just to make sure she gets her form down.

    the rest of the workout;
    like i said above, all that stuff can be done in one day considering how basic it all is. if she's up to it i would have her do two or three sets of each exercise you have listed above 3 days a week after her run, MWF. Move from one exercise to the next, complete all once, then rest a couple minutes and repeat. this would make it a circuit workout, which helps burn more fat. Two days a week after the run, Tues/Thurs, legs. squats, lunges, deadlifts. what kind of equipment are you working with? gym access? i'm assuming here that its a no, and you basically have a few dumbells and maybe a bar.


    drill this into her. diet is at least 90%. workout 10%.

    what you have up there in general is good; fruits, veggies, water, whole grains, lean meats.

    there are only a couple things i want to add here;
    lean proteins, not necessarily lean meats. egg whites; hardboiled is a good way, are a great source of protein. not fat cottage cheese, beans, etc. and of course the lean meats; chicken, turkey, lean beef, lean fish.

    good fats are also important; polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are key in fat burning. you find these fats in fish, nuts, avocados, olives, olive oil, etc.

    calorie intake is very important to monitor. make sure she keeps track of how many calories she is taking in. a couple doughnuts and she's no longer at a deficit for the day.
    Rule: intake<expenditure
    in other words burn more than you eat

    hope this helps and that i didn't come off as too much of a jackass. let me know if you have any other questions or need specification

  3. Wow that was a lot of help. Like I said im not used to making up weight loss diets for someone that has no experience with any of it. She can do basicly everything you said but theres a problem with the sprints. She lives like 15-20 minutes outside of town where the track is so how would I be able to measure 50 and 100 ft for her out there? And I'm only saying the dbells at that weight and everything is because im not sure yet if the cheerleaders use our weight room, after I know that then I can make it better. Thanks for you help.

  4. i was saying 50-100 yards though, not feet. a yard is 3 ft. the only way to do that is get on a road, set a walking stride of 3ft per step, and walk to a point and mark it.

    she can use the dumbells for everything, even the leg stuff. but if she can manage to get into a weight room she should do some hamstring curls and use a bar for squats and deadlifts.

  5. Alright I think I pretty much got it down now. Thanks for the help.



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