Fat Burners?

  1. Fat Burners?

    I was thinking about trying Lipo 6 by Nutrex to help shed that last bit of fat off is this a good fat burner or is there a better one out there i don't know about?

  2. Lots of good reviews on Nutrex Lipo 6. There is even a newer version out now,


  3. i've been taking f.b.'s on and off for some time now and lipo6 (old version) iis pretty good imo........i'm currently on x-force by ibe and f***in LOVE IT......not so much "shaky-shaky" if you know what i mean? but a calm all over good feeling....kind of weird for a fat burner and enery supp.....but i'm going to run the 2 bottles i have and so far with good results....don't know why this one doesn't get talked about much but it should.

  4. There have been some good reviews on Lipo 6, but I am yet to try it. It depends on what kind of fat loss product you are after.
    For stims, I liked AMP and am using Leviathan now - both are great pre workout.

    Also check into non-stim fatburners, which you can take any time, including later during the day without affecting sleep. They are effective on their own, and/or can be used in conjunction with a stim for enhanced results.
    DCP worked well for me, some have also experienced greater endurance in the gym on it, as well as some major appetite suppression.
    Also look into sesamin/thin.. thyrotabs is another good fat burner. Just some choices to think about!

  5. I haven't really had any success at getting the "last bit of fat off" with a fat loss supplement. I've only tried twice to get below 6 percent, but I wasn't willing to drop my restricted food intake even lower or do more cardio. And just being on a fat loss supplement wouldn't get me lower, and most of these types just mess with my mood too much for me to tolerate them.

    So what I'm saying is, maybe you can save some money by doing even more cardio and consuming even less calories to reach a minimal bodyfat composition if it's really important to you.

    Please read that in an honest, helpful tone. There's no sarcasm.

  6. HEAT and DCP or Burn3D. Attacks fat from several angles and without stims.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. clenbuterol.......nothing else even touches it ...well ephedra somewhat
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  8. all Lipo6 did for me was give me the runs hardcore, same with hydroxycut hardcore. Alot of the success with fatburners come with your diet if you ask me. If your diet is right on they work alot better. I am using ALRI Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 right now, been using it 2 weeks and am down 8 pounds.

  9. stim x 2
    many of my customers have lost alot of weight on it. one went through a huge transformation while using it over 40 pounds dropped


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