Gluten Free Anyone?

  1. Gluten Free Anyone?

    Is anyone eating a Gluten Free diet? I don't have Celiac's Disease, but I do have a Gluten Intolerance...I hate to stray away from whole grains, but my stomach cannot take it anymore. I'm just not sure that Rice Flower/Tapioca Flower, etc will do my my glacimic index. Any words of advice on G.F. food would be excellent!

  2. I eat gluten free, among other things. I don't eat any grain at all (rice, tapioca, etc.). Advice? Find 4-6 vegetables that are reasonably cheap by the pound and colorful. I eat a lot of spring mix, celery, carrots, spinach, and broccoli. These are my staples, however i will have at least one other kind of vegetable per day, in addition to 1-2 servings of fruit.

    Gluten free is the way to be.

  3. I do too its not that bad and I feel MUCH better, you can still eat alot of the same stuff, brown rice pasta instead of wheat pasta quinoa or buckwheat instead of oatmeal, and health foods stores typically have a lot of gluten free stuff from pancake mix to waffles to pizza.

  4. i'm thinking about going glutten free... so yea some great diet tips / food tips would be great!

  5. One thing that I commonly do is just use spring mix as a base under whatever meat I cook.

    Sometimes I use broccoli. This goes especially well with ex-pasta dishes. For isntance, I might have steamed broccoli under meatballs and marinara with some grated parmesan.

  6. I go Gluten free at the end of my contest prep because of the bloat some people associate with it. Every one has a slight allergy to wheat in general, but some reasons are less slight than others if you get my meaning.

    Honestly - I would just eat 3-6 onces of a lean meat & a cup of my favorite veggie for a meal. Depending on your goals and body type - tictates how often you eat.

    As an alternative you could try to ween out certain gluten products from your diet to narrow down which one is giving you so much trouble IE - if it's some wheat bread - check the ingredients it could contain hydrogenated oil or High fructose corn syrup which coudl tear up your insides.

    Sorbitol and other artificial sweetners will RIDDLE you will gas bubbles as well so take that into consideration.

    When going gluten free your gonna wanna check out EZEKIEL bread. Lots of people swear by the stuff. Freezer section of the health food corner of your grocery store.

  7. hehe..... watched death to smoochy last night. Gluten free soy dogs with alittle added almond butter paste, YUMMY!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Rumpnuts View Post
    hehe..... watched death to smoochy last night. Gluten free soy dogs with alittle added almond butter paste, YUMMY!
    That movie is funny as hell


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