Need Some Help About A Product....

  1. Need Some Help About A Product....

    Hello thanks for taking the time to respond.. I am currently in the market looking for some weight loss/cutters to start taking. I am in fairly good shape, 6'0 190 lbs 15% body fat..I do regular cardio and have a good high protein low carb diet. But I would like an extra boost being that its summer. I have been told that Salbutamol is a quick way to loose some fat. Any experienced or knowledgable people have any advice? thanks...

  2. I think you will find the information you need if you do a forum search for "albuterol".

  3. thanks...sorry im a rookie at this haha.....but just found out that if i search i can find what i need....thanks for the reply though...have found the info i was looking for....

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