1. Aspartame

    now i've read numerous studies, saying it's not bad for you, andthere are studies that say it can cause very harmful, serious problems. What's everyone's take on this?

  2. its the methanol in the aspartame that research indicate a potential problem in the long wrong. its about a tenth of aspartame's makeup, and the main problem from toxiation from methanol (esp. in its free form) is vision problems. now, the question is, can such a small dosage of sweetner have the ability to build up in methanol overload? doubt it. but in any case, im anti-sweetner, whether it be aspartame (like in equal), sucralose (splenda), or any others.

  3. If I remember right the study that every anti-aspartame spouter uses is one of such a rediculous amount needed on a daily basis for an extremely long time to see the cancer it can potentially cause. Something like the equivalent of 40-50 cans of diet soda a day for a year, or something along those lines. I'll have to dig that one up, good stuff....


  4. well while doing some research because i was concerned about a friend of mine who every time i see him is with a diet coke. 4-5 a day, sometimes more. i have seen that study you are describing hardcore but i've also seen other anti-aspartame studies

  5. I personally don't care about aspartame. I drink alot of Diet Soda, and other aspartame sweetened stuff. I've been doing so for several years, and my health is still impeccable.

    But, if you want to be scared to death by the aspartame nazi, go take a look at:

  6. not to mention, and this is not really along the same vein (but still something to think about), is the fact that with each can of sody-pop you are sucking down your gullet, you're taking in large amounts of phosphoric acid which if I'm not mistaken has a PH of 2. not even sure if this is a real issue but I got to thinking about it the other day after I overheard a discussion about how "healthy" diet soft drinks are and it just got me wondering, those 6pack/day people probably aren't treating their gut very nicely, "diet" or not.

  7. Biggs - that's one of the reasons I drink at least a bottle a day of this bottled water called "Trinity". It has a pH of 8.6, which nicely offsets the extra acidity that I've brought upon myself.


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