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    Now I know this is not healthy, nor is it as effective as a slow cut, but when pressed for time I am wondering how this would fair. One of my friends just won a trip to Hawaii and the fly out date is next week (it was a contest from work). I told him to just cut out his carbs and limit his salt intake and that would be the best he could hope for.

    But then I got to thinking about BCAA's and how they really help prevent muscle loss during the dieting phase. So my idea was to do an every other day fast while supplementing with BCAA's at a larger dose than ussual. Then on the days that arn't a fast, you eat low carb, high protein, moderate fat type of meals.

    What does everyone think?

  2. Well the bcaas will pass through the system in a jiffy so I don't know how it would keep the body out of catabolism for long, unless you really are continuously sipping on it.. maybe whey?

  3. Thats what I was implying, sipping them throughout the day. Of course, some major anabolics would stop muscle loss as well, lol.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TheMyth View Post
    Thats what I was implying, sipping them throughout the day. Of course, some major anabolics would stop muscle loss as well, lol.

    Just get a plastic IV drip bag full of BCAA's and let it flow throughout the day, so you'll always be anti-catabolic.

  5. Eat nothing but tuna for a while. Not healthy at all, but who cares about that

  6. Well you will definitely lose plenty of fat fasting every other day, but don't think consuming any amount of BCAAs is going to prevent catabolism on that type of diet.

  7. I would have to agree with Savage, not to mention your very likely to cheat on your "on" days which would be counter productive. You have to have calories to stay out of catabolism and you get.... what... 10 with a serving of BCAAs. The amount would have to be ridiculous and it would have to be a ridiculous amount - all the time.

    Yikes, good luck to your friend.

    Suggestion - 15 all out sprints with minimal rest inbetween morning and night followed by intense abs session - nonstop - as in excercise to exercise no rest - lasting at least 15 min. after BOTH cardio sessions. Keep cals under 2200, and have 20g carbs before both sessions. keep fats (healthy fats, no sat.) under 45gs. but over 20. daily. do it for 10 days and tell me he isn't noticable leaner.

  8. oh and drink AT LEAST 1.5 gallons of water EVERY day. then when he actually goes on the vaca - depending on how long he'll be there - he can cut back on the water.


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