Opinions on supplement stack

  1. Opinions on supplement stack

    11-oxo (6 a day)
    diacana (low dose maybe two a day)
    RPM (4 a day)
    impact ultra
    glucophase XR

    I was thinking about running the diacana 5 days on and 5 days off for 35 days to help keep from suppressing my own endogenous hormones. I know the thyroid hormones will be all over the place but it should really help when I come off. I think? Does this make sense?

    My diet is in check (2100 calories a day with two days a week at 2600 to help minimize muscle loss-----approximately 40/40/20)
    Looking to loose about 3% bodyfat to finally pull under 10%.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Stack looks pretty alright, (what is impact ultra?) should attack fat loss from a few different angles. As for thyroid supps, you should probably taper dosage up, and then taper down towards the end of the cycle.

    If you wanted, you could also add in some stim free supps fatburners like DCP or sesamin, which will also help with nutrient partitioning.

    Keep us updated on how it all pans out for you.

  3. Impact Ultra, huh? I didn't know ALRI was still making that...If that is an old bottle I would boil that container in water using tongs to keep it suspended; not touching the bottom of the pot. The chemical tends to crystalize, and whether you are injecting or orally administrating, you probably want that smooth and clear.

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