Help!!! 24 hours until elimidate

  1. Help!!! 24 hours until elimidate

    All, I need help. I film for elimidate Chicago in 24 hours, and I need to dry out. I've been cutting for a month, but its not enough.

    Basically I can see abs, but not defined like I'd hoped. I need to dry out for tomm. Of course, I'd like my arms and my shoulders to be pumped, it seems thats where my dieting worked!

    Any help appreciated!


  2. 24 hours? Damn dude. That's short notice. Basics...

    1. Increase water intake. Drink all the water you possibly can, the more the better. The more you drink, the more the body will eliminate subcutaneously.

    2. Decrease sodium intake.

    3. Use a diurrhetic. Try a blend like Cytodyne's Taraxtone There isn't enought time to really worry about home-brewing your own, so just grab that one.

    There really isn't enough time to worry about carb manipulation, or any other tricks of the trade other than the above 3. Next time give us some advanced notice bro!

    Good luck man!

  3. Donít forget to say as many times as you can so it can hopefully get on the air.

  4. lol. good one. ill try for a shoutout

  5. I was just thinking about it, and actually, I have a way to help you do a mini-carb depletion.

    First thing tomorrow morning, hop on the treadmill, and walk for 90-100 minutes at a nice medium pace. This should deplete your glycogen stores completely. Following this, down a 32 oz. gatorade. Voila! Glycogen supercompensation in a few hours.



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