Need some help guys, to tighten up with what i am working with.

  1. Need some help guys, to tighten up with what i am working with.

    Hey all, let me give you a breakdown of what i have done the past year.

    Last August or so roughly 10 months, i deceided i wanted to lose some weight and get into shape. I am 6'1 and was then 290 pounds. Obviously you see why i wanted to lose some weight. So over the course i started lifting weights/doing cardio roughly 2-4 times a week without being SUPER strict about it...just making sure i get a good sweat going and try to make myself sore the next day so i know it worked. Cut all the bull**** out of my diet, pop/snacks/fast food...and ate mostly chick/vegetables/meats/eggs etc...

    So here i am today at around 215 dropped roughly 75 lbs, all of which was lost not useing ANY supplements or takeing anything whatsoever just exercise and diet. I think i want to either stay around 210-215ish but i would like to be cut/built/ripped whatever you want to call it at that weight. Loseing the extra weight is not the problem, its just that i do not know what my workout routine/diet should be like now that i am at my current weight and want to tighten my body up. I still have some love handles and a gut, just drastically smaller then from when i started.

    My work hours are 10:30-7 mon-fri. Diet is currently bowl of cereal before work with skim milk, EXTREMELY light lunch as in, one of those healthy choice bowl of soups that are all under 200 calories at around 3pm. Get home at 7 and then on the days i work out i will work out right when i get home without eating anything since my tiny lunch at 3 (this might be a bad idea on an empty stomach???), and make chicken and vegetables/salad for dinner, fish and rice....basically something very low calorie and overall healthy with trying to get in some vegetables and meat. Weekends i eat kind of whatever i want,i see those as my off days to my rough week of under 1-1.5k calories per day.

    What i have to work with equipment wise is a benchpress with the appropriate weights, and free hand weights rangeing from 5-50 pounds. So now that i am at my target weight more or less, what should i make my diet and what sort of exercises should i be doing to turn my 215 of non in shapeness, to being a fit/muscular and rather cut 215. My main goal is to turn my stomach/chest into something cut and or defined (being able to see my abs would be the ultimate goal) as opposed to the small gut and little bit of love handles i currently have.

    Although i have lost the weight having not used any products and or supplements, i am open minded to useing some if theres any you guys might suggest would best suit what i am going for here.

    Any feedback is very appretiated on diet/exercise routines/anything i need to change, and thanks for taking the time to read this if you did guys !

  2. You want to adjust your diet to gain lean mass. What that basically means is that you want to continue all the clean food you are currently eating, but just slightly increase the amount, especially the protein.

    At the same time do a light amount of cardio, but not the same as you were doing when you were trying to loose 75lbs.

    This should allow you to gain muscle slowly while eventually developing a more muscular look. Increasing the food intake just slightly should get enough to gain muscle gradually while hovering around your ideal weight.

    I need to tell you though it is hard to give any better advice without seeing how you look @ 215 right now, like pretty lean, or still have some fat on you??

  3. I will see what i can do about getting a body shot posted, but until then, yes i still have fat mainly in the stomach / love handle region.Some also on my pecks but those are getting to where i want them to be, Since i have lost the initial weight, everything has shrunk but my body "shape" still seems the same to me. Thats mainly what i want to change, keep the weight i currently have, but turn my gut/love handles into something tight and cut, along with muscular arms.....but those are coming along nicely it seems as i almost ALWAYS work out my arms on the days i exercise.

    Thanks for the reply also!! I have been feeling lost lately as my shape has not changed much, just looks smaller then from when i started.

  4. Your mind is playing tricks on you bro. 75lbs is one hell of an accomplishment, not many people have the will power to do that. Obviously having been able to loose that much weight, you have the discipline and drive to be able to get where you want to go. The main thing is to realize it is a step by step process and not let your mind **** with you.

    I see what you are saying about the shape being the same, but loosing 75lbs is a huge change to your body, and not many people could loose that much weight and gain a ton of muscle at the same time. It's perfectly normal, so you have mainly almost finished the task of tearying out the excess fat, and maybe just a little bit more, and then you can really focus on getting a nice v-taper with your shoulders and getting your arms all muscled up. You're well on your way, just keep trucking, finish up loosing that last bit of fat and then focus on eating clean, but eating more so you can add some muscle and get a ripped up 215lbs.

  5. Don't neglect the legs. Sounds like you might have a limited weight setup, so work with a lot of single leg movements and some sprints.

  6. Thanks for the feedback guys! Its very useful to me, also since i should be eating slightly more then i am now, would it be a better idea to make that extra food i eat to be more protein based, like more fish and such etc...?

  7. I'd say meat and vegetables. Aim for around a gram per pound of bodyweight to start.

    (This varies greatly for me, I am 5'10, 180lbs and 9% bf, and many days i only eat about 100 grams of protein. Past a certain point, it seems to be more about timing than anything. On training days I eat closer to about 150 grams protein.)

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dozi View Post
    Any feedback is very appretiated on diet/exercise routines/anything i need to change, and thanks for taking the time to read this if you did guys !
    Take a look at this, and see what you think

    They have a nice well rounded, healthy scheme, and it covers weight training for strength or toning (your choice), cardio, and diet. By going with something like this, you have the whole thing laid out, and its a very tried + true formula. You can even enter their transformation contest if you'd like, as that extra motivational push.

  9. Look into a HST style routine 3 days a week for lifting, make sure you open the workout with leggs and set a decent pace throughout. On 2 of your 4 off days do core abs then some cardio. I think a jump rope gives you the most bang for your buck for cardio.
    If you want to add a supplement thats low side effect risk and well proven go with BCAA's, and make sure you are taking a multi vitamin.


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