How can I increase LBM by 1lb a week, while loosing 2-3lbs a week?

  1. How can I increase LBM by 1lb a week, while loosing 2-3lbs a week?

    My new fat calipers show me at 21mm or approx 23% bf. So given the 207 weight, my LBM is 160 pounds. So for me to reach 9.9% body fat by Aug 6, I need to either get my weight to 178, or increase LBM in the mean time as well. I don't quite think I can loose that much, as its 29 pounds, which would be 4 pounds a week.

    If I loose 2.5 pounds a week, while converting 1 lb to LBM, I end up at a LBM of 167, and body weight of 186 for a 10% bodyfat.

    With that Aug 6 being my target date, I'm not sure how to get there. I'm working out hard, and doing cardio hard (you can look at my log for details (Franken-stack plus bad diet!, so I'm not sure what else to change. my supplement mix is

    Puritan's Pride Omega-3 Fish Oil with Policosanol
    Puritan's Pride Time Release Ultra Vita-Man
    Puritan's Pride Focus Complex(fish oils, ALA, ginko, etc)
    GNC Pro Performance CLA
    Schiff Glucosamine plus MSM
    Amerifit Nutrition DHEA 50mg
    bulk powerFULL
    MHP T-Bomb II 3
    Shred-XS (starting this week, was taking cAMPHIBOLIC the last week)
    SANS V12
    Dicreatine Malate

    I have some vyotech 17HD here that i'm not taking because of mixed opinion on it. The V12 + betagen both have a mix of creatines in them, betagen has monohydrate, v12 a mix. I'm willing to tack in another supplement or even prohormone into the mix, hopefully something that isn't banned by natural bodybuilding groups.

    the reason for the Aug 6 date is that I started a 12 week Body For Life challenge on May 14, so that is my end date.


  2. I don't think you can lose 29 pounds that fast. I am wanting to lose around that amount but I am not rushing it or timing it. I would try for 1.5 to 2 pounds per week. That is perfectly reasonable to me.

  3. I learned the hard matter how hard you hit the gym or how many miles you run...If your metabolism is screwed...then your progress is screwed. So get your diet down to a timed science and keep on track and disciplined. If you are serious about your target weight and time then stay on point.

    Am I at this point? No. Still trying to make a solid game plan I can actually stay on track with.

    Good luck.

  4. Gaining LBM and losing fat are not necessarily synonymous in goals. You can gain LBM but you're not going to lose fat at the same rate for most people. In my experience, going more than 10 percent calorie negative completely stalls my LBM gains even with high end complex carb including protein shakes to help absorption.

    My recommendation would be to try to maintain your LBM and lose the fat, then work on adding more LBM. Or... If you don't care 'when' you lose the fat, just work on adding LBM and eventually the fat will begin to come off as long as you're not sucking down more carbs and calories than you are processing in a day.

    Like the previous poster said, dial in your diet, but I'm not sure you're going to be able to lose 10 lbs in a month and put on 4-5 lbs of lean body mass without some non over the counter supplements.

    Your body type might be conducive to this, but there's no magic formula for doing it. Everyone loses fat at different rates, and with different stimuli.

    You can do 1 or 2:

    1. Go calorie negative, with lots of protein and BCAA's to keep from canabolizing muscle mass while you lose weight.

    2. Go calorie neutral and try to gain LBM, and use the resulting increase in resting metabolism to slowly work off some of the fat.

    Either way, losing 2-3 lbs a week of fat is a pretty audacious goal. At that rate, I'd be surprised if you weren't losing 1 lbs of LBM a week.

  5. tren, cocaine and starvation. that's the only way i think it's possible.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by same_old View Post
    tren, cocaine and starvation. that's the only way i think it's possible.
    I was gonna say test/tren/winny/T3/DNP/Clen

  7. I think what I really need is a handful of xanax and a 6 pack of spaten optimator, and to not worry about being in a hurry

  8. Quote Originally Posted by supersoldier View Post
    I was gonna say test/tren/winny/T3/DNP/Clen
    Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing, but my answer was going to be a one worder...GEAR

  9. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    I think what I really need is a handful of xanax and a 6 pack of spaten optimator, and to not worry about being in a hurry
    I'm in the same boat. I put on wayyy too much BF in the 6 months that I've been back in the gym. There are times during the day when I'm just like "Fcuk it! Starting a HEAVY ASS CYCLE TODAY!!!" But then I think better of it.

  10. One theoretical possibility is Dan Duchaine's Theory of post mediated growth:

    Duchaine's Theory postulated that at supraphysiological levels of AAS (especially test) another growth pathway opens. This is achieved by reaching levels of 4g-10g of AAS per week. Duchaine tested this many times, he died before he had a chance to get his entire theory in not much is known about it.

    On another board (unable to mention the name due to RULES) Gavin Kane posted the following:

    ...I knew Dan well in the 90's and we spent a lot of time one point under the guidance of Dan, I did a 4 week cycle of test at 10g per week, yes that is right. The gains were astronomical, the body fat loss was better than any cutting cycle I have ever done, etc. Now for the bad part, I had heart palpitations, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't sleep, I wore 4-5 shirts a day from sweating, and more.

    Yes, there is another pathway that opens at 4g plus, but there is still no proof, only anectodal evidence from all those who have done it. I can't find any scientific reason why, I just know it does. Everything I could tell you is mere speculation.

    So do any of you need to do this? Hell no, and you would be fools to try. Why? What are your goals? If you dont' make a living doing this, why do that to your body? It is reckless and stupid at best....

    He continued in a followup post:

    ...Anyway, for much red meat as I could eat a day with rice, pasta and a gallon of milk. Usually 4 or more lbs lean ground beef, steaks, etc. I was eating over 10k cals per day. I can't recall exact strength gains but they were phenomenal, but then again, Dan wasn't into strength training. As for weight, again I can't recall exact numbers but bodyfat loss was around 3-4% and mass gains over 20lbs.

    Remember I was a human furnace, my waking body temp was over 99 degrees. I would have to sleep on a stack of towels and as they got soaked during the night, I would remove one, then sleep on the next and so on. I wore 5 or more t-shirts per day. I couldn't breathe or walk anywhere, it was beyond unhealthy. My blood pressure was through the roof...


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