cardio target heart rate

  1. cardio target heart rate

    what is the importance of keeping your heart at a target "fat loss" rate when doing cardio. supposedly according to the cardio machince for me its roughly 131 but i find it easier to keep it at a sold 140 where the session isnt straining but it seems that work well. what are experianced cardio user thoughts?

  2. I'm not that experienced, but the main issue relates to (if you are cardioing for fat loss) staying in lipolysis, where your fat cells are releasing fat into the bloodstream. if you are exerting yourself more than a certain amount, more blood is going to muscle and less to fat. So lipolysis slows down or ends, and potentially your body starts catabolising muscle. I'll look for some of the articles i've read on it with more details, and try and post em

  3. Hey I feel that the best way is to use the Karvonen formula. The heart rate calculations on the cardio machine dont take your resting heart rate in to account. If your in good shape your resting hr will be lower Some out of shape people can walk and get there hr up to 160 while those of us who are in good shape have to work really hard to get it up, anyways I put a link to help you out. Heart-Rate Zones

  4. I couldn't get the above link to work, but this seems to be helpful.

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