Low dextrose equivalence maltodextrin

  1. Low dextrose equivalence maltodextrin

    anyone know where I can buy some of this?  Looking to add some cheap low glycemic carbs to my protein shakes.


  2. you looking for maltodextrin? it isnt a low GI. maltodextrin has an extremely high GI of around 137.

    Fructose 32
    Lactose 65
    Honey 83
    High fructose corn syrup 89
    Sucrose 92
    Glucose 137
    Maltodextrin 137
    Sugar, White 142
    Glucose tablets 146
    Maltose 150

    your best bet, if you're set on low GI post workout carb source, is to have rolled oats (many fans of the low-GI here) or even honey. studies with athlethes have shown that honey, actually faired very well in sustaing blood sugar level for a few hours after working out. here's a copy/paste of what im referring to. Sage

    The first trial involved 71 subjects who were given one of seven carbohydrate gels, including honey and placebo. Honey produced only mild increases in blood sugar and insulin, prevailing over dextrose (glucose) and maltodextrin, and was similar to a popular commercial carbohydrate gel. This indicates that honey could be an effective pre-workout energy source that does not induce hypoglycemia.

    The second trial studied 39 weight-trained women and men. Following an intensive workout, each subject immediately consumed a protein shake blended with sucrose, maltodextrin, powdered honey or placebo as a carbohydrate. The honey sweetened "muscle shake" was the only one to sustain blood sugar over the two hours following the exercise.
    The final trial focused on nine competitive cyclists who were given a honey, glucose or placebo gel prior to and at 10-mile intervals of a simulated 40-mile race. Honey significantly increased power and speed over placebo, equaling the performance of dextrose. This exciting study is the first to show that honey is an effective carbohydrate for endurance athletes and resulted in media attention from around the world. "Our first study suggested honey could operate as a 'time released' muscle fuel for exercising muscles. Our second experiment suggested that honey would be a good carbohydrate source to replenish muscles. However, our last study convinced us that honey can improve endurance exercise capacity," concluded Dr. Kreider.

    This research demonstrates that honey is a carbohydrate option for athletes based on its low glycemic index, positive metabolic response, and effective energy production. These results are great news for athletes or anyone looking for a natural, convenient energy boost.

  3. They do make low GI maltodextrin now.  It can be found in Cytosport's Cytogain.  Cargill and other food additive companies carry them with a dextrose equivalency as low as 5.  I don't believe they sell to single customers.  Luckily enough I work for a spice extraction company, so I can probably wrangle some.  I was just curious if anyone else has gotten any and if so, where.  Buying the raw material and adding to my protein shakes would save a ton of money. 

  4. your best bet, if you're set on low GI post workout carb source, is to have rolled oats (many fans of the low-GI here) or even honey.
    I was under the impression that Honey was high in fructose. Which doesn't seem too good in a bodybuilders diet. But, I can't argue with success and it just taste so good! On top of the taste, honey seems to be sorta a cureall.

  5. Originally posted by boffo234

    I was under the impression that Honey was high in fructose.
    you right. honey is almost an equal mixture of fructose and dextrose. and fructose is a big NO as one's post workout carb source due to its tendecy to convert and utilize liver glycogen level, instead of the desired muscle glycogen. the powdered honey done in the research is dervived from a mix of honey, maltodextrin and added fructose
    So myself, i stick to dextrose or dextrose/malt mix....however, its an interesting read to see honey compares so well in to the higher GI carbs in result, being that its half fruit sugar.



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