stalled weight loss

  1. stalled weight loss

    well ive stalled , started at 270 and got down to 258 fairly easy , diet in control 2-3 lbs a week, well i got some NoX/glutamine/creatine powder and have been using it for a while, i know it will have me hold some water but i figured it was worth the benefit, well i started pulsing 20mg of SD
    hopeing to counter act muscle wasting because i upped my cardio a bit. well i think its working however in 2 weeks ive only lost about 1 pound everything else is the same,

    im wondering how long it takes to shed the water once i quit taking the creatine and does it seem possible to gain 2-3 lbs a week (lbm) on SD while on a calorie restricted diet? round 2500c a day

  2. It could be that you're still losing the same amount of fat. Do you have a way to measure body fat like skinfold calipers? Disappointing fluctuations in scale weight could be attributed to a number of things. The superdrol and creatine can be making you hold more water weight as well as an increased amount of glycogen storage. This could account for some of the decreased rate of progress. If things stay that way, though, it's probably time to decrease calories.

    I'm not sure about how long it would take to remove excess water due to creatine, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be more than a few days or a week. I also don't think you'd be likely to gain much mass with superdrol on a calorie restricted diet. Strength could be definitely gained, but not that much size, especially if you're pulsing.

  3. yeah, my strength is up and im sure its water holding,
    i dont think i should drop calories though as much cardio as ive been doin.\

    i think im just going to drop the creatine for 2 wks or so and see how much comes off.

  4. Get a body fat scale and watch your water percentage. I know in the past when I've started loading creatine my percent water can jump between 2-5 percent. If you weigh ~230-250 that's a decent amount of weight.

    I don't know if dropping creatine just to see if you're retaining water is worth it. A 50 dollar wal-mart special taylor scale with body fat percentage and water percentage would tell you.

    Granted it's not accurate to more than a couple of percent, but it can show you trends. As long as you measure at the same time every day and gulp a bunch of electrolytes before you do it.

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