Yohimburn HCL spray?

  1. Yohimburn HCL spray?

    Its a yohimbine hcl 3500mg spray with aloe vera gel, water, peppermint oil, caffeine and some other stuff. This stuff comes in a 4oz spray bottle selling for $47.95 with great reviews. Has anyone had any experience with stuff like this? I bet it would be great for girls love handles or to get your abs fine tuned.

  2. Sounds like a more expensive, yet watered down version of our Lipoderm-Ultra.

  3. Yohimbine HCL spray

    I made my own transdermal "brew" w/ yohimbine hcl, caffiene and finaderm.. Didn't notice anything at all..

  4. Make it a nasal spray for some good times.

    /don't do this.
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