Need Inspiration Watch This!!!!!!!!!!!amazing!!!!!!

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  1. man i am in a puddle at my desk, i cant type anything to say am such a small person after seeing that.

  2. I feel guilty

  3. I take too many things for granted...

  4. Very nice. I think I've read about this guy before. He's been featured on the news several times in the past. What an amazing human being...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by CRUNCH View Post
    I just about started crying myself, throat is still a bit choked up. Wow!
    amen to that

    especially on the break-away part at the end when he's running.... someone get me a kleenex

  6. that just made me cry.

  7. *actual tear forming*

    <snif> ...guys how about a group hug....<snif>

    I give that dad a thumbs up - thumbs WAY up. What a guy!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by TripDog View Post
    Man i don't wana sound like a pu*sy,but that made my eyes a little moist...that is one hell of a dad!!!!!!
    a little.... I'll admit it- I was balling like a baby. And I'm not embarrassed a bit.

  9. The undeniable human will to survive. It's a beautiful thing!
    ôLord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life"- John 6:68

    WHAT has science offered?

  10. thats pretty damn amazing really makes you think how lucky we are.

  11. i lost it when he said the only thing he wanted now was to do it for his dad

  12. im touch

  13. I had tears streaming down my face. That guy is a stud. I'm giving my kids hugs when they wake up.

  14. that kinda made me feel that i don't ever have the right to complain or be depresses or down about anything. It also makes me feel terrible about all thoses lazy nights that I decided not to go to the gym cuz I was too tired or watever excuse I came up with. It servers as a reminder of all that we have that we take for granted.


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