looking for a little guidance

  1. looking for a little guidance

    I posted something like this on the supplement board but this sounds like a better place. Im looking to lose weight and get toned. Ive always been the fat girl and for the past 4 months ive been kicking my ass to get out of that. Anyone have any suggestions on supplements that could boost my performance up? I do a lot of cardio and a bit of weights.

    19yr female
    208pounds.....use to be 266 before working out and dieting

    cardio and weights 6 times a week, usually cardio for 90 minutes, weights for 20

    diet consists of nothing over 6 grams of sugar. No bread minus corn flakes in the morning. SmartOnes for lunch. hundred cal packs of popcorn for a snack. I dont eat much I guess...usually end up under 1500 cals a day

  2. ephedrine caffeine stck is very good at accelerating fat loss. 20 mg of ephedrine, 200 of caffeine. Aswell through some green tea extract in there too. Also, when u getting down to the last 20 pounds or so you might want to try a cortisol blocker, because u have lost so much weight, this is stressful on ur body, and u no doubt have high cortisol. I would stay away from those snack pack things, there is just no nutritional content in there, better to have some spinach, or a chicken breast.

  3. First, congratulations on your progress so far! Losing 60 lbs isn't easy and you should be proud of how far you've come.

    My suggestion is to increase the amount of lifting you do. If you put enough effort into lifting it will burn as much, if not more calories than cardio. Have you taken a week to eat at maintenance? If you constantly eat below maintenance your metabolism will slow down. Also, if you've been going for 4 months straight without an off week I suggest doing that as well to give your body a chance to rest.

  4. thanks guys for the advice. a week off sounds...painful lol i have trouble with one day off as it is.

    i'll def try to put more time in on the weights. thanks for the suggestion

  5. resting your muscles is just as important as tearing them down. rest at least one day.

  6. Rest is important.

    Some good rule to follow are:
    1. Smaller meals and more of them, spread out through your day.
    2. Keep carbs lower at night
    3. Stay away from sugars, especially foods that contain corn syrup and high frustose corn syrup.

    Diet is the main concern in weight loss. The basic cals in should be less than cals used is a very good rule.

    Training with weights is a definate plus, because muscle helps you burn fat.

    Anyways, 60lbs is quite impressive. Keep up the good work and keep us informed.

  7. I back what some of the others said already.

    Start lifting maybe 3 days a week..muscle burns more weight.

    Eat more protein oriented foods, less conveinence packaged things, chicken, eggs, natural peanut butter..etc

    If you supplement with things like sesathin, green tea, and DCP they all help.

    Try the cortisol blockers they are helping me.

    Don't get frustrated, it all takes time, muscle weighs more as well so sometimes the scale isn't an accurate assessment of progress when you lift.

    edited to add a few days off a week gives most people more progress, rest is a priority.

    And Congrats on the weight loss already, caring is half the battle!


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