How long for Keto?

  1. How long for Keto?

    How long does it usually take to get into Ketosis? I know everyone is different but I usually don't get into ketosis until the night of the third day after I carb up. So if I carb Sat. then I don't see any trace amount of ketones till tuesday night. This means im in ketosis for only about 3 days until I*carb up again. Is this`OK?

  2. When I started, I took about 6 days to get in. Went 14 days without a carb-up. Then, did another 14 days. Then, cut it to 10, and so on. Now, after about 14 weeks, I don't even leave ketosis after a 36 hour carb-up.

  3. Keep in mind that the stix only measure spilled over keatones. You may be in ketosis for longer than you think.

    If not.....
    There is a reason it's called a CKD....The C stands for Cylical.


  4. Originally posted by chi_town
    The C stands for Cylical.

    We must have the same typing disease
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  5. Originally posted by Bobo

    We must have the same typing disease

    We must........LOL

  6. took me 4-5 days to register on the stix... but the "measurement" by using the stix fluctuates so much anyway, just make sure to eat absolutely perfectly and don't worry about it, you WILL be in ketosis regardless. just carb up when you're supposed to and have faith.

  7. It varies depending on the individual. It usually takes me no more than 48 hours.

  8. Originally posted by scotty2
    Now, after about 14 weeks, I don't even leave ketosis after a 36 hour carb-up.
    Awesome. taking in supps for this?

  9. About 12 hours

    *affectionately petting his humulin bottle*


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