what do you think of this thermo stack?

  1. trying to drop 5%bf in 60 days

    just looking for some thoughts, ideas, suggestions (supplements and routine) to cut about 5%bf... here is my current info/plan:

    age: 34
    height: 5'6"
    weight: 153lbs
    bf: 19%

    having played soccer in my younger days, i have a lot of muscle weight on the lower body (thighs/calves)... my upper body is not in exact proportion but not THAT bad either... 16 months ago, i weighed in at 180lbs... the reason for the drop is 90% nutrition (very little exercise) until 2 months ago...

    ***supplements (twice a day - 9:00am and 1:00pm)***
    brand name: energy nutrition
    product name: pure ma huang (ephedra sinica extract - yielding 10mg ephedrine alkaloids)
    serving size: 1 capsule (833mg)
    dosage: 3 capsules (30mg ephedrine alkaloids)

    brand name: vitamin shoppe
    product name: cayenne (80,000 heat units)
    serving size: 1 capsule (450mg)
    dosage: 4 capsules (1800mg)

    brand name: spectra force research
    product name: liquibolics razberi-k
    serving size: 1 liquid fill capsule (200mg)
    dosage: 2 capsules (400mg)

    brand name: window rock health laboratories
    product name: teamax ultra premium green tea (135mg egcg catechins - 50mg caffeine)
    serving size: 1 caplet (750mg)
    dosage: 2 caplets (270mg egcg - 100mg caffeine)

    daily dosage totals:
    ephedra: 60mg
    cayenne: 3600mg
    raspberry ketones: 800mg
    egcg: 540mg
    caffeine: 200mg

    20 minutes ab workout (different routines - lower/obliques/upper)
    45 minutes push-ups (regular, incline & diamond) (as many as i can do -paying attention to form/not speed-)
    empty stomach LI cardio (30-45 minute jog)

    ***nutrition (split over 4 meals a day 9am-12.30pm-4pm-7.30pm)***
    calories: 1200
    protein: 120g
    carbohydrates: 100g
    fat: 28g
    water: 64oz

    5%bf drop (most of which is ...surprise,surprise... in my midsection)

    i'm just not sure if i can achieve a 5%bf drop in 60 days with this plan... i'm keeping my exercise intensity to a minimum mainly because of the low calorie diet... not sure if this is ok... i feel fine and i am not really feeling any drop in nrg... however, i would really appreciate some input anyway... am i low on protein? take it up to 1500cals with a 5th meal? boost test? more water?
    any help is greatly appreciated! PLEASE

  2. *bump*

    i know i'm just a n00b... so if i posted this in the wrong forum, feel free to move it... also, if i need to add more info by all means, please, ask... just lookin for some honest help/input... please... many thanks!

  3. 5% in 60 days...discipline and dedication...

    BTW you can probably find all those ingredients in 1 supp.



    - Protein
    - H20
    - Fasted AM Cardio Daily

  4. thanks a lot !!! i haven't really been able to find anything with JUST THOSE ingredients... they always add other stuff *shrugs* i will follow your tips for sure...

  5. also, i've been on the EC stack for several months now and i'm wondering if i should cycle off these stimulants for a while... i've considered trying yohimbine hcl but i'm so worried about allergic reactions or getting too intense of a kick from it... what would be a safe dose to just "try" it?



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