need help me lose weight and gain muscle mass

  1. need help me lose weight and gain muscle mass

    thats pretty much my goal. i currently weigh 235 and i wanna drop down to 200 by the end of summer. i workout 3 times a week for now but as soon as school ends its gonna be 4-5 days/week. i really need to lose 35 lbs and i wanna look big as in muscular for my senior year. i am 17 years old and im 6'2, i am also on a low calorie diet.

    so please, anyone that has had a great success with losing weight and building mass, please help me out.

  2. What is you actual diet and workout plan?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. well i eat less, like normally i would eat half a sandwich for breakfast and the other half for lunch, and for dinner i eat whatever my mom makes and this way i eat less calories which has helped me lose about 10 lbs so far in a month. i workout mondays tuesdays and thursdays and i workout chest by doin incline, regular, and decline and flies. and then for arms i do preacher curls then i do skull crushers next i do curls with the tricep pulldown machine, then i do tricep pulldowns next i workout my brachiialis my doing reverse grip curls and finally i do this other workout where u lay on ur stomache and u pull these weights twards ur body (forgot what its called) and with sets and reps for each exercise i do 3 sets, 1st set i lift heavy so that i can only pull off 6-8 reps, 2nd set i take weight off and go till failure and same thing for the 3rd set. thats pretty much it.......any suggestions

  4. So you don't train legs or back...the two largest muscle groups? Start training those and you also need to eat 5-6 meals/day, not 3.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. what exactly should i do when i work those body parts out and on what days should i do them plus what else should i eat that would help me lose 35 more lbs


    That right there will answer just about every single question you have

  7. well I am assuming you don't care about keeping muscle based on the diet you are on. Eat smaller more frequent meals. Do cardio when you wake up.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SteelEntity View Post
    well I am assuming you don't care about keeping muscle based on the diet you are on. Eat smaller more frequent meals. Do cardio when you wake up.
    i do care about keeping my muscle, but how do i keep my muscles and build more and lose weight at the same time? i really need help with this, all i need to do is lose about 35 more lbs and im good, then its all weight lifting for more muscle mass, but i wish i could build mass as i lose body fat.

  9. 5-6 small meals per day
    30-40g protein per meal
    Cabs mainly pre-workout and post-workout
    Keep the fats to a minimum (and focus on healthy fats)

    There are endless variations and theories on losing weight while retaining/gaining muscle, but the basics above should do a lot better than the "1/2 sandwich, 1/2 sandwich, whatever mom makes" diet.

    35 lbs is a lot of fat to lose. If you set a goal of 1 lb/week then you can do it without losing muscle (and maybe even gaining). It's possible to lose 3 lbs/week but basically impossible to do that without losing muscle.

  10. Hey Buddy,
    This is what I do(and I got the advise brom other bro`s from this site: look at my postingMORBIDLY OBESE; NEED help).
    I eat 6 meals a day9Approx; 250 calories per meal). Cardio 4 times a week; 2 days elliptical /2 days tradmill and rowing machine(HIIT). plus work on legs, shoulder and chest every other day. I have lost considerable weight as I eat very low carb(50 grams a day) and lots of grilled food and vegetables. Please add a good multivitamin and fiber.
    Wish you all the best. God bless ya.

  11. Hey bro it's really very simple.

    Eat the following foods 5-6 times a day:
    -Meat or eggs
    -low carb vegetables

    Drink 1 gallon or more of water per day.

    Take in 20-30g of cod liver oil per day, along with a multivitamin.

    Use whey protein after a workout.

    Every 7 days have a carb meal of healthy carbs and protein.

    When you workout, use squats, deadlifts, overhead press, incline press, bench press, dips, pullups, and rows. Not all at the same time, mind you Just pick something for lower body, something for pressing, and something for "rowing," and do that 3 times a week. For now reps in the 8-12 range works. Use only free weights, cable rows, and dumbbells.

    Do shorter (like 20 min) sessions of cardio 5x a week or more. Work your way into this, though. Start out with what you can do PER SESSION, and then also start with less frequency and increase it as your body adapts. Jogging, biking, elliptical, swimming, it doesn't really matter. Do what you enjoy most of this, and you can even make things fun by playing a sport or something.

    Gradually increase your work tolerance so you can do more exercise overall and recover fine.

    That's it man. That should carry you for a while. It ain't rocket science, and yes, that's really all you need to make progress right now. The key is just to do it every day for the next 6 months and be CONSISTENT.


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