HIIT and Keto diets

  1. HIIT and Keto diets

    I was wondering would if it would be possible to do HIIT on a Keto diet? The reason i ask this is because HIIT relies on muscle glycogen for fuel, now on a Keto diet Glycogen stores are depleted, so would muscle be burned?

    If that is the case can i have a protein shake imediatley before HIIT to spare muscle and would this throw me out of ketosis?

    All replies greatly appreciated.

  2. overkill. low intensity is generally the name of the game on keto. have you tried HIIT on keto before? if not, you'll be much happier with low intensity (nor will your results suffer), trust me.

  3. You can do HIIT on keto. Just limit yourself to 3 sessions a week and do them during or just after your carb-ups or after a midweek carb-up/refeed. Other times lower intensity and duration are best in a carb dpleted state.


  4. I used to do them 3-4 times after lifting, but I was wired as hell and eating less than 2000 calories, so don't take my advice.

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