i need a good diet workout to loose weight

  1. i need a good diet workout to loose weight

    hey im 6' 290 i wanna loose my fat and get a 6 pack ya no, get cut up hard, ive tried not eating and cardio and i dint loose any weight, any diets or workouts u can give me thanks, i wwnna loose it quick for summer


  2. Brut that is a very broad question you asked. There are literally tons of threads on how to go about achieving your desired goals. Hit up the search function and also just look through the weight loss section to get the basics down (trust me there right here) and then when you get the idea lay out a plan or ask some specfic questions that we can help you at on, because that question is way to broad.

    Dont take this the wrong way but the answers are there you just gotta look a bit.

    Also theres tons of individuals personal logs of their training and some even have diets and such, so go check them out and get an idea of how it works and youll be on your way to setting up a solid plan.

  3. No offense brut but....are you loking to get messed with? This is a poor and lazy decision on a post. Please browse around a bit before you think someone is going to plan it out for you. I wouldn't expect to lose to much in time for summr...it's just about here.

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