USA Not Alone in Obesity

  1. USA Not Alone in Obesity

    Europe's growing waistline
    Monday, June 23, 2003 Posted: 8:35 AM EDT (1235 GMT)

    Obesity is becoming the UK's leading preventable killer.

    LONDON, England (CNN) -- Experts say obesity is rapidly becoming a health crisis across Europe with more than 200 million people -- a third of the continent's population -- now considered overweight or obese.

    A survey carried out by the International Obesity Task Force found that in many European countries more than half the adult population is overweight -- nearly triple the number 20 years ago.

    It also found the number of overweight children is rising with three quarters now believed to be obese.

    Greece tops the 'eurobesity' league table with 70 percent of women and 68 percent of men overweight while Germany has the highest number of overweight men in Europe with 71 percent believed to be obese.

    The UK follows closely behind with obesity believed to affect more than 60 percent of people.

    "We are eating less than we used to, but we are also less active," Hannah Theobald from the British Nutrition Foundation told CNN.

    "We are leading more sedentary lifestyles, we are sitting more at desks, we are not as active as we used to be," she said.

    In the UK, obesity -- which costs the economy more than $3 billion each year -- is rapidly overtaking smoking as the country's leading preventable killer.

    "We are losing 18 million sick days due to obesity related diseases. We have 30, 000 deaths in the UK per year because of it," said Theobald.

    "Average life expectancy is reduced in obese people compared to lean people by almost nine years."

    The study found that Italy, the Netherlands and France have fewer obese people. In France, for example, less than 30 percent of women and 42 percent of men are obese.

    But across the continent the survey shows that people are getting fatter and at a faster rate with one in four European children now believed to be overweight.

    Following in the footsteps of the U.S., 'fat camps' for children have begun to open across Europe to educate and change eating habits.

    Dave Tonge, Camp Administrator from a UK weight loss camp in Nottingham says the emphasis of the camps is to learn and have fun.

    "We have fun and activities and an educational session with lifestyle to try and promote behavior change," Tonge told CNN.

    "There was probably fish and chips in one part of the dinner hall, but in the other part there was salad," said one boy at the camp. "I had to make my mind up about which one, and it had to be the salad."

    While experts believe that reversing the trend of obesity will be difficult they hope that by educating children and doctors they will help Europe fight the fat.

    -- CNN's Jim Boulden contributed to this report.

  2. I do not find this info startling at all.

    I would expect this trend to continue with most westernized, capitalist nations. The fast pace of the world is turing us all fat. LOL well, at least those who do not know any better.


  3. I live in the UK and I can tell you we have our fair share of overweight people over here, but I never thought that 60% of the population was obese, thats shocking!

  4. It also found the number of overweight children is rising with three quarters now believed to be obese.

    faster rate with one in four European children now believed to be overweight.


    This guy whould get his facts straight. Personally I hate all these articles based on BMI, they're all bull****. According to the BMI I have been overweight for years, just because I have bigger bone structure, or muscularity. BMI hardly works with men, guys that do labour jobs and are muscular from it.

  5. Good point on the BMI EBE, according to the BMI Arnold and Ronnie would be overweight/obese

  6. Yeah, I think obesity will only continue to grow.

    I have friend who has a brother that's about 3 yrs younger and about 6 inches shorter and outweighs me by 20lbs! He's got some major bitch tits too. I tell him to watch what the hell he eats and he says he does and just goes and eats a whole bag of doritoes.

    Man, I wish I was overweight according to the BMI...only a little more to go.

  7. Originally posted by Ibanez
    Yeah, I think obesity will only continue to grow.
    HAHAHAHA LOL That's pretty funny bro if you think about it .

    I mean obesity can't shrink ? .


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