Anybody tried ginger root as a protein uptake enhancer?

  1. Anybody tried ginger root as a protein uptake enhancer?

    Ok, I feel like an advert here, but I noticed some hype about this stuff over at elite, and in looking for a cheap source here in the UK found a cheap USAnian one, this stuff runs at about $2 per lb, (99p per 100g if your UK, still not bad) and the elite forums suggest it improves digestion, protein uptake, and helps keep your belly looking flat by affecting the gut.

    anybody take this stuff?

    BTW, the cheap us site is at , its not my site ( wish it was, if I lived in the US I could get stuff much cheaper ) shipping might make it cheaper locally though

    (BTW, I did post this at, but nobody seemed intrested and the URL got removed ( although this company is cheaper than the one I found back then )

  2. ginger root is cheap anywhere and any brand. Ive tried it (one bottle, about a month long) i forgot the exact dosage (just used the recomended one cap/day of nature's way brand. To be honest, i didnt really notice anything too dramatic but like i said, i only used it for a month...and who knows, maybe it did affect my protein intake and use of it.

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