I am a complete noob to this haha..Any tips?

  1. I am a complete noob to this haha..Any tips?

    well I recently bought some yohimburn es and where I live
    (Arizona) it get's around 102 degrees average.. so i was wondering after aplying the yohimbunr would it make more sense to go run on a treadmill or outside and sweat? Dumb question I know but once again I am new to all this.

    Thanks in advance

  2. I really don't see any difference. Running outside in the heat/sun might make you drop a little extra water weight, but that is about it.

  3. Awesome thanks...well I wasn't too sure since it is being absorbed then you would basically be sweating more of it out?

  4. thats a good point. either way I would wait about 15 minutes before you started anything after you aplied it.

    with most topical fatloss products people like to put it on after a shower.

  5. Yeah that is what I would do...I would clean the area (chest and abs) and then apply it then wait 30 min before I would do my cardio...also I just ordered some leviathan...if I take that while i do my normal workouts with no changes will that help lower bf% and lift bm%?

  6. well if the product is effective it will help. i've never heard of it, so i don't know how effective it actually is.

    but no supplement is any kind of subsitute for a good diet.

  7. Oh I know that...cuz i am currently trying to cut down the bf% and lose this flab : / not too much left but still enough to lose! haha
    I am 5'6 128lbs. I am not sure exactly what my bf% is as of now but i still have a bit of flab around my abs and chest.

  8. Avant recommends waiting at least 2 hours after application of their Lipo-Y before engaging in any activity where sweating may wash the transdermal off before it 'firmly binds with the skin'. I believe Yohimburn is similar to Lipo-Y, so you might want to go off that. BTW where in AZ you at?

  9. ah ok so then I should be waiting about 2 hours before I run? Also...what about leviathan? Any tips with that? and Casa Grande right between tucson and phoenix

  10. 2hrs after application? That seems a bit excessive...doesn't it?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by SwordBurn View Post
    2hrs after application? That seems a bit excessive...doesn't it?
    I didn't come up with it; talk to Par.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nutraplanet'a Lipo-Y Write-Up
    Q: How should LipoDerm-Y be taken?

    Lipoderm-Y should be taken two times per day with 12 hours separating application times.

    Lipoderm-Y should be used at least 2 hours before any activities in which one will sweat or expose the skin to significant amounts of water, due to the risk of the product washing off before it firmly binds with the skin.

    Apply to one large area at a time, or several small areas at a time. The dieter can only utilize so many of the stored calories being released via LipoDerm; if an excess is released, those calories will not be burned but simply redeposited. *An example of a large area is the thighs/hips/buttocks or the abs/lower-back/obliques (or any combination thereof)."
    Lipoderm-Y w/ Caffeine (4 oz) By Avant Labs

  12. lol damn 2hrs...thats like half a day!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by SwordBurn View Post
    lol damn 2hrs...thats like half a day!
    lolol .........that does seem pretty long though...I guess I could always call Yohimburn directly aye? Hmmm whats the best way to lower bf% i am already eating healthy and doing cardio have a weight training plan ect... I just bought some Leviathan...think that would help me at all?

  14. I'm sure Leviathan might help, as it's getting great reviews, but just make sure your macros(ie. calories from P/C/F) are in order. Also, consistency is going to be key once you think you've got everything else right.


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