Need to loose 7 punds in 3 weeks. Need Advice!!

  1. Need to loose 7 punds in 3 weeks. Need Advice!!

    5'10 175pounds,

    Hey, Im currentley training for a powerlifting championship for my highschool. The meet is in 2 weeks and i need to loose around 6 to7 pounds. I am going to start some cardio 3 times a week at high intensity for 30-45min. Are there any foods i should defnitley stay away from or anything else i should be doing? I am also taking glutamine,protien,Animalpak, and Novedex XT(to pack on the extra muscles).


  2. Problem with a power lifter losing all the water before heavy lifts is that the joints are less elastic and over all you may not feel up to snuff. 7 pounds in 3 weeks is def doable. Stay away from fatty foods, eat every 2-3 hours. You should be taking BCAA's and lots of protein to keep muscles from breaking down due to caloric defecit. For cardio keep it short and intense.. no more then 20 min. Drink lots of water with meals. And since you are in HS you must be under 19... i wouldnt be taking novedex... your test lvls are at there highest naturally right now and it is not needed at all.

    If you can afford to.. load up on carbs the day before your lifts. They replenish your glycogen stores which are key for heavy, explosive movements. Goodluck


  3. Lol misread that 7 pounds in 2 weeks. Well that going to be tough. If they weigh is a day before the lifts just dehydrate.. shouldn't be hard at all. You can easily replenish 7 pounds of fluids in time for the lifts.

  4. hey, thanks for the advice. I get about a gallon of water a day, and i think im going to cut back to maybe half a gallon. I have a steam room at my school. Would that be helpful in dropping weight, or is it only going to get rid of water weight?

  5. Also to the first reply the first weigh in is june 2 at night, then the second weigh in is 9am june 3.

  6. steam room would just drop water weight.. if you got on a excercise bike wrapped in plastic that would shed some cals quick

  7. Drink water normally until the day before.

    On the day before, drink some water in the morning. The rest of the day, drink nothing. Eat light... Eat, but don't pig out.

    When you wake up on the day of the meet, you'll probably have lost the 7 pounds already. If not, you'll be within a couple. Pinch a loaf and, if need be, sit in the sauna for a little while.

    Coming from a former wrestler, 7 pounds is nothing.

    DO NOT start restricting water more than 24-36 hours before the meet.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SteelEntity View Post
    steam room would just drop water weight.. if you got on a excercise bike wrapped in plastic that would shed some cals quick
    All the weight you lose on an exercise bike wrapped in plastic is just water weight, too. Yes, you are burning calories (~300/hr), but by exercising in plastic you are simply accelerating water weight loss.


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