Strict diet impossible for me, working something out..

  1. Strict diet impossible for me, working something out..

    Well, I lurked a bit and ended up buying 3 dozen eggs and hard boiling them.. there is my breakfast..

    For lunch.. I plan on making turkey omelets with egg beaters and every so often chicken breasts with salsa and lettuce.

    Dinner im thinking protein shakes and mainly meat or some pasta.. (keeping the calories under 2k, maybe even 1500).

    Now, as a snack, is Cottage Cheese bad?

    I'll continue to lurk and learn more and more but that's all I have to ask at this point.. im 165, want to go to 155 and it's real hard.. i tend to go from 165 to 170 and I know why (I slack on the diet sometimes)..

    Trying to refine it a bit

    edit: sorry found the search feature and found a couple of threads on cottage cheese

    aside from that, I dont know what else to ask

    I have a hard time strict dieting.. and keeping my portions under control.. any mental tips?

  2. yea keep that mental image of what you will look like if you keep your diet in check and what it should be. It takes determination and not everyone can say they truley train all out and do everything neccessary to achive their fitness/body goals. Be unique and show that you have the will to plan out a diet and stick to it and the rewards will be good.

    Also for myself I find that when I dont have every meal planned out Im more likely to slip up. If I go into the kitchen with a general idea of what I want to eat it tends to lead towards a non perfect meal (still healthy maybe just not 100% of what I would have wanted it to be.) Eat with a plan and you will be fine.

    And just a diet critique would be try and add in some more fiberous vegetables like broccoli or asparagus. ALso try to get in 4-6 meals a day and keep the protein lean (may want to try egg whites instead of whole eggs in the morning.) Keep the water intake high and youll be on your way to a successful diet.

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