skin surgery question(very importnant)

  1. skin surgery question(very importnant)

    Just went in for a consult with a plastic surgeon(VERY reputable)
    I was once very heavy 328 and i lost it and ot into body building.
    I got down to 159 at one point(28-29 inch waist and had visable abs with only a small amount of lower abdominal skin(latent fat) but had a larer amount in the lower back/posterier and chest region. I am now at 185 32-34 inch waist.
    To make a lon story short he ave me an exam and said the only thin he could do was a beltectomy(full body lift surgery)
    I suggested instead a combination of lipo-dissolve and titan laser treatment(I am only in early 20's btw) to remove the latent fat and then retihten the skin. He said this would not work but i am quite sure he has never actually tried this and i am a lean individual and can et leaner if need. He made the statement i am a surgeon i know surgery when i told him why i thought why it would work (collagen and elastin would resynthesize after lipodissolve removed the small amount of latent fat cells) especially due to my young age and relativley low bodyfat. He did not want to argue science and just responded with it won't work, i am a surgeon i look at it from a surgical stand point.

    does anyone here with a backround in cell biology or medicine have a second opinion

  2. If this doctor refuses to do it, I would ask around and get other opinions with reputable doctors who may be a little more forward thinking. I did some contract work (IT/sysadmin type stuff) for Canada's top surgeon and while working for him I realized how some doctors are 'stuck' in a certain mindset and remain very traditional while others are more revolutionary and pioneering. He was one of the latter types, very forward thinking in his practice, maybe he can help you out with some consulting?

    Here's his website:
    The Silver Centre, Dr. Harold Silver, Cosmetic Surgeon in Toronto for over 30 years

  3. thank you, your advice is much appreciated

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