Hiit question

  1. Hiit question

    Was looking into the HIIT workouts and things and had a question. Im trying to lean down a little bit (bout 10 lbs of fat) And I usually do a little cardio at the beggining and end of the workout. I workout right after breakfast first thing in the morning. Should I do hiit on days I lift weights or on seperate days? And if I do it on days I lift should I do it before or after the workout?

  2. try hiit before you eat first thing in the morning

  3. Im usually at the gym within 15 minutes after I eat. Would it be ok to do it once I got to the gym or does that 15 minutes make a big difference?

  4. i do up hill sprints on an empty stomach in the morn. (30-45 min of 100/45/10 %effort)
    that's a metabolism you can feel

  5. I'd do it on separate days EXCEPT for the day after leg day.

    That's if you're gonna do cardio at all.



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