The Volocity Diet, Who's Done It Before?

  1. The Volocity Diet, Who's Done It Before?

    The Velocity Diet from T-Nation
    Testosterone Nation - The Velocity Diet

    I've been reading the articles on it and I plan to do it at the start of June. I couldnt find any real reviews on it here.

    Who has done it before? What did you think?

    I plan on buying 20lbs of ON 100% Whey, because buying enough Casein to last the month would be very expensive.

    What did your shakes consist of? Protein, Flax seed meal?, what kind of Carbs?

    Just want to get everything right before I start.

  2. Hey,

    I came off it around two weeks ago. Overall it got me in good shape in little time, managed to avoid little/no rebound fat gain. I started measurements 3 days in (to exclued water/glycogen depletion) and I finshed up about 18-20 lbs lighter and visibly leaner (too the stage where everyone was commenting). Must warn you my gym performances dropped slightly and many crappy workouts.

    I used different protein (but still a caesin blend), make sure you enjoy what ever protein you use, reccommend Matrix - Cookies and cream. I upped the BCAAs too and added in some HIIT cardio after workouts. Also dropped the surge and had BCAA, oats, protein.

    There are similar subtly different diets (protein sparing) you can look into, Avant labs produced a similar one a few years back eating only tuna (which also worked well for me, but now I struggle to eat tuna)

    John Berardi also has the 'Get shredded diet'.

    Good luck in what you choose, and let me know if you have any more questions

  3. I did the Velocity diet and had great results. I lost 21 pounds, kept 17 off in 4 weeks. 6'3" 272/30%-255/25% I would not use Whey protein if you search t-nation most that use whey protein fail. It digests too fast and you get hungry before your next shake. The base principles of the diet are Micelluar Casien w/Flax/Surge/Hot-Rox/EFA. I didn't use surge but did make a workout drink 2:1 carbrotien(whey) with BCAA's. I also didn't use the Metabolic drive I use Infusion from vitamin shoppe, also I just ordred a custom casien micelluar casien blend from True Protein | High Quality Nutrition and Protein Supplements you can save money there.
    I got a shaker cup and use six ice cubes, cold water, ground flax seed, and protein powder and take it with me to work. The ground flax seed will help thicken the shake if the water is cold enough. I put the powder in big ziploc bag. I was surprised how easy it was, I didn't cheat off the diet much at all and had very good result. I use HST for workout program Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition™ since it's geared toward building/maintaining muscle mass.
    One negative from some poeple is how they push all the Bio suppliments. If that's an issue, like I said stick to the principles it will work. I used Hot-Rox Extreme it's been really good at taking the edge off the hunger. I think Leviathan would work for the fat burner if you wanted an alternative. ECA is reported not to work, I have not used it on the velocity diet.
    I just start my second velocity diet 1 1/2 weeks ago I'm down 7lbs right now, so it's works for me. The biggest change is post diet eating behaviors. Fast Food and sweets just don't taste good anymore and I have had the cleanest diet I have ever had after the diet.

  4. I would want to use Micellar Casein, but for 15-20 pounds, the price would be unaffordable. The Matrix protein recommended above is a Whey/Casein blend at $25/5lb. I plan on using Matrix protein, flax seed meal, sesamin, Waxy Maize Starch(to replace surge), and a Fatburner supp such as AN's Lipo-AM or Axis Lab's Adipo X.

    I'm putting my shakes at around 10servings/day which would be somehwere in 15-20 pounds, and that gets pretty pricy, especially if using quality Casein.

  5. Ok, I have the following:
    20 pounds of protein (Matrix 5.0)
    1 Kilo Waxy Maize Starch
    Bulk Sesathin 8oz
    NOW Omega 3 200 capsules
    Raw Flax Seeds 1 bag
    Raspberry Ketones 100g
    AN Lipo-AM
    Axis Adipo-X (in the mail)
    Sciv Dialene 4 (in the mail)
    Sciv Xtend Large
    CL White Flood
    Creatine Mono 1000g + DiCreatine Malate 100g

    Ok now for some questions. Which out of the three burners (Lipo-AM, Adipo-X, and Dialene 4) should I use during the Velocity Diet? And should I use the BCAAs and Creatine Mono while on it? I think I have everything i need in the supplement department, I just need to figure out what gets cut and when everything gets taken.



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