I am going to be starting a CKD next week and I would like to get advice and also log results here. This will be my second run at a CKD as I ran Dan Duchaineís Bodyopus diet about 5 years ago with pretty decent results even though I didnít keep track of my macros very well or watch fat content on the weekends as I should have. I believe I dropped to about 12% body fat back then. Current my stats are as follows:

28 year old male
76.5 inches tall
224 lbs
14.6% bodyfat according to caliper measures and its pretty close using the method where you measure waist, hips, etc.

Goals: I would love to get down into the single digit body fat measurements but I would settle for 10% which would be an all time low for me. I plan on being on the CKD for 8 weeks and then I will assess results and reassess goals if necessary. I have done plenty more research since reading Danís book 5 years ago and here is what I am planning on doing. (Please feel free to critique anything)

Supps: I am going to do thing a little different than most people as I am going to start the low carb phase Saturday night at midnight and then do the depletion workout and carb up on Thursday evening. I feel this fits in with my schedule better as it will give me a little more freedom on the weekends to go out to eat with my wife and have more options. I will be using DS Glucophase to help get into ketosis quicker and also for maximum glycogen uptake during the carb up. I know that a lot of people these days are only doing a 1 Ĺ day carbup but I am going to stick with the 2 Ĺ day that Dan recommends as I feel the Glucophase will get me into Ketosis quicker and I should be able to get away with this. I think what I will do is take 2 Glucophase Saturday night before bed, 2 more upon waking up 30 mins prior to cardio. According to DS by this time I should be in a mild state of Ketosis and hopefully will achieve full blown Ketosis by the end of the first workout later on that day. I will not use Glucophase again until the carbup in which I will take it with my first several high carb meals. I will also be taking a multivitamin, calcium, and fiber to supplement nutrients that I may be missing out on in my diet. Other supplements that I will be taking are Powerfull, Cissus RX, bulk Taurine, bulk Leucine, glutamine, creatine, Leviathon (probably just pre workout for extra energy), Whey protein, Flax oil, Fish oil tabs, Waxy maise starch( for carbup), Lean Body weight gainer (one serving is 90 grams of malodextrin and 20g of protein), clen at 2 weeks on/2 weeks off. By the way, I have started the Powerfull and Cissus this week and so far I am liking how I feel on it. I am feeling strong in the gym and I hoping the Cissus will help with a few joint problems that I have had for a while now.

Macros: I will be eating 192 grams of protein a day during low carb phase(lbm*1) and 216 grams of fat and about 20 grams of carbs(from green veggies). This should put me at about 2800 calories which I have found for me is about 500 under maintenance. For the carb up I think I will stick with the 192 grams of protein a day. For the carb up Dan says 16 grams of carbs per kg/lbm and stuff I read on c-k-d.com says 10 grams per kg/lbm so I think I will meet in the middle and go with 13 grams giving me about 1146 grams of carbs during the first 24 hours. I will also meet in the middle of the two for the second 24 hours and go with 7 grams of carbs per kg/lbm giving me about 617 grams. Again I feel the Glucophase will help give me more room to work with as it should be helping push those extra carbs in the places that they should be going. Im gonna shoot for 88 grams of fat the first 24 hours and 77 the second. Some of this will be coming from flax and fish oils. Total calories for first 24 hours should be about 6144 and for the second 24 hours about 3937. If I find there is too much spillover with these macros I will adjust accordingly.

Training: I plan on doing my first workout on Sunday in which I will work my large muscle groups (Legs, chest and back). I will do the second workout on Monday in which I will work smaller muscle groups (Bis, Tris and shoulders). I will then do the grueling depletion workout on Thursday after work.

Misc: I have some RPN Havoc on hand as well as half a bottle of Superdrol. I am wondering if it would beneficial to take these starting at about Week 6(possibly using Dr Dís pulsing method taking the Havoc before workout and the Superdrol at Ĺ the dose of the Havoc post workout) or if this would be a total waste of these products and I should save them for bulking. Any advice on this would be appreciated. I had excellent results with my last Superdrol cycle gaining about 14 pounds of lbm, keeping about 10 of them and I have been finished with PCT for over a week now and I am getting back up there where I was when I finished the cycle.

Again, if anyone sees anything that should be changed feel free to chime in. I am no CKD expert and any advice is appreciated.