Keto Question

  1. Keto Question

    After how long on a keto diet should you start a mid week refeed? i have been on a CKD for 12 weeks now and noticed that my fat loss has slowed down a bit. I have come from about 34-40% BF to 16% now. I have read that you should wait till you get to 10% BF to do mid week refeeds but have also read that after being on a low carb diet for an extended period of time mid week refeeds or one 3 day low gi refeed is good. Any insight would be much appreciated.

  2. Originally posted by goldylight
    I have read that you should wait till you get to 10% BF to do mid week refeeds

    where did you read that?

    Carb up right now. Don't waste another minute !!!

    In the past, I could "cheat" every 3 days and still lose......actually I think I lost more doing the 3 days rather than this 2 week thing I'm doing now. I get in ketosis and I hate to come out of it because my body likes it. But you really need to carb up at least every two weeks.

    Bobo explained this on another thread........low calorie count decreases your T3 levels (metabolism).........since he posted this I've been looking for what extent it decreases it ......but haven't found it yet.

  3. bobo??? what's he know...rhaps is right though, 2 weeks at the most IMO

  4. Bobos thread is what made me ask the question. The 10% i saw over at by one of the mods there. I already do around a 24-36 hour refeed on friday - saturday after my final workout. so you saying i should add a wed refeed on top of my wekend carbup? Would it be the whole day or just maybee 2 meals on wednesday - low gi carb\protein meals like yam\chicken or brown rice\chicken?

  5. 10% is a rough number given out for those who feel that their fat loss has slowed. It has been shown that on CKD, fat loss typically slows at or around 10%. I stalled after 11 weeks, had a 3 day carb up as opposed to a midweek carb-up. I ate 10% above maintenance, using about a day and a half high GI, then switchung over, problem solved, back on track.



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