best online calorie counter?

  1. best online calorie counter?

    i have been using fitday.. not too bad but it is kind of annoying sometimes.. any good ones out there?


  2.  < ------ Just for carbs, very detailed

  3. I like calorieking .com

  4. fitness planer for the Palm /Pocket PC / or PC is excellent for tracking caloric intake. With the palm pilot you can instantly record what you just ate.

  5. any free software out there? or does anyone have this on an FTP or anything for download?
  6. Talking Free Calorie Counter

    Check out..

    Totally Free..
  7. Re: Free Calorie Counter

    Originally posted by Hieysk
    Check out..

    Totally Free..
    Lol, read the initial post brudda.
  8. Sheet..


    Sorry about that...


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