Thyrotabs / 3rd Degree Burn / Sesathin / Stizm - Stack question

  1. Thyrotabs / 3rd Degree Burn / Sesathin / Stizm - Stack question

    Have all the supps and ancillaries for an upcoming cut - my real question is how to best stack the Thyrotabs and 3rd Degree Burn. Gaspari has a "recommended 7 or 8 week run that slowly moves from the Thyrotabs to the 3rd Degree Burn...but...I think we've all learned not to trust these "suggested stacks" from the manufacturer.

    I'm hoping to get some advice on how to best stack those two compounds. The Sesathin and Stizm are easy protocols to follow.

    I'm prepping for a beach vacation at the end of July, and want to drop 20-30 pounds of fat. I'm currently 6-3, 255 pounds. I have my exercise / cardio plan solid, including morning and evening cardio daily.

    Thanks guys.

  2. I ran thyrotabs with lipo-6 and got really good results. I guess 3rd degree woould be about the same. You mentioned exercise/ cardio but nothing about diet. You can take all you want but without good diet it wont help.

  3. Good point - I didn't mention diet. It's a solid plan - mostly egg whites and oatmeal in the morning after cardio, protein shakes / bars, etc. for lunch and snacks, well-proportioned dinner and no late night binging after evening cardio. Sure, it'll vary day to day, but taking this approach has given me good results in the past.

    My biggest mental challenge is losing some of my strength during this process.

    How long did you run the Thyrotabs and the Lipo?

  4. I ran them for eight weeks and I am about to get back on for my contest prep. I think that if you keep hitting the weights hard you wont loose much strength at all at least I didn't. I've been on my really strict contest diet for about 7 weeks and still haven't lost much strenth because i still go really heavy, at least until i'm about 6-8 weeks out.

  5. I am confused, what is wrong with dosing according to the manufacturer's/designer's recommendations?

  6. from what ive read about Thyrotabs you really SHOULD follow the instructions. They are not to be taken lightly.
  7. Question

    Who said anything about not following the manufacturers directions???

  8. ahh come on u know what i meant. If it mentions how they products should be stacked then why not use it that way.

  9. Oh I felt that lipo-6 worked really good for me alone and I saw less results from the 3rd degree burn so I went with the lipo-6 instead. Also of course gaspari is going to say stack it with there own product, as far as the thyrotabs i would never go over the rec. dose


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