Suggestions on my current (Updated) plan

  1. Suggestions on my current (Updated) plan

    I posted something similar in the Supplements Threads but it probably better fits here.

    I am needing some direction for what I should do different/Tweak to stay on track and achieve my goal weight.

    My Stats Timeline:

    Age: 30
    Build: Large Frame
    Height: 6'1

    01/01/2007 Weight: 286lbs
    01/01/2007 BodyFat: 32%
    04/26/2007 Weight: 255lbs
    04/13/2007 BodyFat: 24.0%

    (BodyFat determined by handheld monitor)

    Target Weight: 235lbs
    Target Body Fat : ?? Whats ideal for 235#'s??

    I lost all of this weight with diet and exercise, no supps, no gimicks, no nothing. Busted butt in the gym and stayed away from Fast Food, Sodas, and my favorite - Over Eating.

    But, I have leveled out and cannot seem to loose anymore weight. Started to drop the Cals to below 900 but was smacked in the face and told to wake up. Currently, attempting to hit 2500 Cals per day. I have been using a program called ProTrack 2005 to log all of my Nutrition.

    Food I eat consists of the following:

    Tuna, Chicken, Green Veggies, Cottage Cheese, High Fiber Cereals, Skim Milk, Sorted Fish, High Fiber Breads, bananas, apples, Assorted Veggies.

    Typical Meals:

    7am - 1C High Fiber Cereal and Oatmeal 45g + ON Whey Protein Shake w/ Skim Milk
    10am - 6oz Tuna + Apple/Banana
    1pm - 6oz Chicken Breast + 2C Green Veggies
    4pm - 6oz Tuna + Apple/Banana
    POST Workout - On Whey Protein Shake with Skim Milk
    7pm - Chicken Breast, Green Veggies, Salad
    10pm - Low Fat Cottage Cheese and Fruit

    Here are my daily breakdowns.

    I also drink at least 1 Gallon of Water a Day. I pretty much drink nothing by water.

    Was taking a Men's Health One a Day vitamin but have moved to a 4 Pill Vitamin Pack.... Any other vitamin supps I should be taking?

    Workouts are 5 days a week.

    Cardio for 45 hour 5 days a week on my lunch hour. Raquetball, Threadmill, Stairs, etc.

    Weight Resistance - Free weight program. Mostly, 4 sets on each with heavy weight to muscle failure.

    What would you recommend to push me more towards my goal? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


  2. No comments?

    What about my Sodium intake? Is it too much?

  3. Heres just a little something I would take out the fruit wiht your cottage cheese at night, you dont need those carbs before you go to bed. I would also take out the apples/bananas try and replace those with some nuts and gets some healthy fats in your diet. You need fat to loose fat!! When you workout make sure you are doing a good bit of compound exercises (squats, deadlifts, hang cleans...) they will burn the most calories and give you the most muscle growth. I would add some more protein in that diet to help recovery from all the workouts as well. Keep up the good work man

  4. Thanks for the reply... Was wondering if I was going to get any feedback.

    Will cut the fruits on the last meal... I did pick up some peanuts and almonds that I am going to add in...

    How much protein are you thinking that I need to be getting? I am definitely getting some muscle!! Chest is blowing up and arms are looking good... Probably helps to get the fat off of them too! : )

    Work out is full body. I do some squats and deadlifts but have had back issues so I cannot go full out like I used too.

    Thanks again for the info


  5. That sound awesome man I would add about an extra 50-75 grams of protein but as your bodyweight falls you can drop some protein intake as well. Full body workouts are awesome thats what I have been doing. Make sure you are gettin adequate time off to recover. As far as back problems with deadlifting try using a trap bar that way you can stand inside the bar and its easier on the back. Make sure you stretch and stay real limber when completing those exercises. Continue to watch the sugar and keep me posted on howyour doing with the changes. PM me anytime take it easy and goodluck



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