Help!! quck fat burner

  1. Help!! quck fat burner

    I think i put this in the wrong forum before but i moved it here so maybe someone can help here.

    Just found this webiste from searching the web. Here's my issue. Pretty much gained like almost 20 pounds over the winter (oh yeah i'm a chick). Mostly gained it through the usual belly hips and thighs. I'm looking for a good way to quickly burn all that fat off so when beach season comes around I look sick (extremely good).

    I have a boyfriend who bodybuilds and could go for his advice but i'd rather hear other peoples opinions too. I've looked on a website rather not say and they recommend taking 80mcg's of clenbuterol (4 times daily) and 50mcg of T3 (1 time daily) for two weeks on and two weeks off. But does that mean i just do this for two weeks and i'm gonna be skinny ya know? I'm officially just starting to work out too since i've been skinny my whole life and i guess my metabolism decided to screw me and slow down. So i'm not very experienced in this whole thing.

    I'll have my whole work out regimen which is fine but I want to start taking something to speed up the process because looking at some friends that are trying to work out and work out 5 times a week havent lost crap and i dont want to be like that. So even if theres something else you recommend, let me know. Your help will be greatly appreciated.


  2. OK, from your background I'd avoid the clen and the T3. They both can have serious negative health consequences.

    You might want to post what your average daily diet and exercise routine looks like.

  3. Hmm so should i just stay away from all this stuff? I dont have the greatest diet as of right now. LIke I eat good but then i get fat attacks and eat mad fried foods which needs to stop.

    Well i guess i should be more specific. LIke breakfast I eat oatmeal and i always get a smoothie from this health place. Then snack inbetween with like small stuff like peanuts or raisins but sometimes i snack on cookies but NOT ALOT haha. Lunch i'll do tuna or turkey and cheese on wheat. snack again cuz i dont like getting hungry and i guess they say when you dont eat at a constant every two hours that it doesnt help ur metabolism. Then dinner its like chicken and veggies or steak. Always have a caesar salad lowfat dressing. But thats if i do good and i guess i have to stay this way.

    Working out. Every day or every other. I do a day of legs abs and cardio. Next time i do arms and back. then one day i do abs and cardio for the whole work out. THen i just rotate it all.

    Sorry if i dont sound smart with this i'm just trying to learn without any judgement.

  4. Not too bad, I'd say your meal choices are pretty good. The problem however would be those "fat attacks". You should try to avoid those As for as snacking in between meals watch that too, Instead of simple snacking try to plan out what you are going to have. Keep track of it. I know it's not cool to feel hungry but if you know you have eaten enough then it's a good sign your diet is working. Your body is always going to want you to eat more then you need.

    Defintly avoid the clen and T3, they are dangerous and not needed. If you find yourself tired you can pick up some sort of caffiene based diet pill. There are several out there.

    And lastly... You are right about your friends who work out 5 days a week and it not working... Many people think working out/ Cardio/ abs is going to make them "in shape" but Proper Diet is 99% of the strugle... Get that in check and workouts can be minimal. I've cut in the past down to a low single digit body fat % without doing cardio.

  5. I just dont understand how some people work out and eat good and not lose weight. Like my friend that i mentioned. She totally changed her life around and eats wicked good and worksout like a maniac and it does NOTHING. I feel bad. Thats why i seen myself starting to gain weight and thought if i just work out and eat good that i wont lose weight either cuz she use to be a stick and she's gained like 20 pounds and hasnt lost anything. Just hoping if that happened to me too if their were any other ways to help. BUt i do see certain supplements and stuff will probably help. RIGHT?

  6. Oh there is always hope, even for your friend... She might be over trained or a little strressed out about it. One of the hardest things is not comparing yourself to other people, everyone is different. I'm 215 pounds and eat a lot less than my 180 lb roomate, I have just had to get used to my lifestyle. If I want to stay in shape I know what i have to do. I know what i can't eat. It all comes down to will power and what you really want. It's those times when you think "I shouldn't eat this" and you do anyway. I've been amazed in the past how easy it is to gain fat within a short time. The truth is though is that as you get older it will be easier to gain weight, you just have to readapt your lifestyle to eating less... It's no fun

  7. thanks

  8. def. stay away from clen and t3 the can have serious side effects and down the road even cause more problems like deactivating your natural fat burning.

    There are alot of stimulant fat burners/ thermogenics and also non stimulant ones if thats your thing. they will help but diet is the deciding factor. You can do a tons of situps everyday but if you dont actually eat right you will never see abs.

    Ive never had to diet because im 6'3" 215lbs and still everyone thinks im skinny. I just have that body type. What im saying is that i dont have real experience on alot of fat loss...but there are alot of people who can help here on this website. welcome!

  9. like pump said, stay away from t3, prob clen, too. although clen is not as dangerous as t3. in your original post you said u read something about 80mcg four times a day, thats 320 mcgs and wayyyyy to much. i am not recommending the use of clen, but if u do use it you need to dose more like 20mcg the first day. up by 20mcgs every other day until sides are too strong then drop down about 20. dont want to go higher than 80mcg a day.


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