Protein Shake Before or After morning Cardio??

  1. Protein Shake Before or After morning Cardio??

    I have been drinking my protein immediately after my morning cardio on an empty stomach and havent seen a decrease in muscle mass, but I see that many people recommend drinking it 30 mins before ur morning cardio session..Is it all personal preference? i want to hear what u guys think...

  2. There's personal preference I think when it comes to what you want to do, but there's definitely some science bhind their preference.

    I know that I used to go for long medium-speed runs right after waking and burned fat, but I think I also lost muscle a bit that way too. Personally if I was to start doing morning cardio again I would probably just sip some BCAA's during my cardio (elliptical) and then have a shake afterwards. There's lots of different opinions, but that's just me

  3. Yea i need to get BCAA's theres some already in the protein mix i have but i dont think this is a sufficient amount..any suggestions on what BCAA brand to buy??

  4. If you keep your heart rate at 65%MHR I wouldn't drink my shake before hand I'd wait till after and have a shake with oats. If your jogging and want to maintain LBM you def need some complex carbs.

  5. This is kind of the situation I'm in.. I do both weights and cardio in the mornings. I get up @ 4:30 to do both. For a while, I was taking in a protein shake w/ oats pre wo, & for post, prtein shake w/ Gatorade. Now, I've gone to just EC w/ super cissus pre & post is usually just protein shake. I'm trying to lean up. Should I still be taking in carbs? I've never really tried a "real" food diet when cutting w/ cardio & weights. I've always just relied on the cardio to do the work, but this time I want better results.

  6. Do any of you have any opinion on what BCAA's do to weight? I'm not really into losing weight, but I wouldn't mind stripping some fat. Do BCAA's have any tendency whatsoever to preserving fat along with the muscle? Or are these compounds strictly addressing the muscle, with ZERO impact on fat.


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