ready to change my help please!

  1. ready to change my help please!

    Hey everyone...first post. I am 23 yrs old, 5'10 260 about 30% bf.... my goal is to get back to 190 at about 12% bf. I realize this may take atleast a year. My other goal is to transform my body as much as I can before August as I am beginning a new career then. I will sacrafice anytihng i need to....i will eat what i have to day in and day out. Please critique my diet and let me know what is the best diet I can possibly have to accomplish my goals. I will be lifitng weights 4 days a week and cardio 6 days a week. Here is my diet:

    6:30am- Cardio 30-40 mins

    7:30- 10 Egg Whites 170 cal/36 pro carb/2/1
    1/2 cup Oatmeal ? 150 cal/5 pro/27 carb/3 fat
    Totals:Cal-320/ Pro- 41/ Carb- 28/ Fat-4

    10:00- Protein shake 2 tbsp flax
    470 cals/ 44 protein/ 13 carb/ 27 fat

    1:00- Chicken breast 210 cals, 43 protein
    Sweet potato 180 cals/ 40 carb/ 4 pro
    Totals: cals-390/ pro-47/ carb-40

    2:30- Work-out

    3:30-PWO shake 50g whey/oatmeal
    Calories-375 Pro-50 Carb-27

    5:00- Chicken Breast, Broccoli, 1 cup brown rice
    Cals- 410 Pro-44 Carb- 42

    8:00- Can Tuna 220 cals/0 carb/ 40 pro/ 5 fat
    Natty pb 210 cals/ 6 carb/ 8 protein/ 16 fat

    10:00- whey/flax
    470 44 13 27

    Macro Totals for day:

    Calories:2,865 Protein:318 Carbs: 176 Fats: 74

    How does this diet look? What can i do to make it better and accelerate fat loss? I've posted a photo of me 4 yrs ago...and 2 now after 4 yrs of college and me letting myself go. Please help...
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  2. First off, welcome to the board

    Diet looks pretty solid for a first cut. How is your water intake?

  3. 1 gallon a day. Is that suffient. I wont be drinking any diet soda or juices....only water and green tea. May switch the last meal to a solid food source or casein protein instead of whey

  4. welcome to the board I'm on a similar quest. I wish you the best of luck. Have you tried fit day there is a lot of info there and meal tracking.FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal
    Try the The Glycemic Index I'm still learning about good carbs.
    Another site Ive just found on the board Healthy Grocery List - You pick the meals, We'll make your grocery list!
    try some of the recipes posted on the board also Keeping it interesting helps out a lot. I hope this helps some.

  5. your plan looks very solid and the only thing I would swap (and you already said this yourself) would be the whey before bed and try to get some slow digesting protein source such as cottage cheese. Also like you said keep your water intake betwen 1-2 gallons of water daily (try to aim for a minimum of 1 gallon.)

    Best of luck on your journey

  6. one more thing I am worried about is having loose skin when I'm done cutting. Do you think that would be an issue? only if i lose the weight too fast correct? My stretch marks are already awful so im not concerned about them

  7. Hey man, I'm coming from a very similar situation, but I wish you the best of lucky! 99% of your success will be sticking to your plan!

  8. You've got the plan down.

    All you need is action, dedication, and more dedication.

    good luck

  9. Quote Originally Posted by pulltap289 View Post
    one more thing I am worried about is having loose skin when I'm done cutting. Do you think that would be an issue? only if i lose the weight too fast correct? My stretch marks are already awful so im not concerned about them
    Dont worry about it as you work your ass off in the gym (not neccessarly in a year but over time in the gym) it will slowly begin to tighten up.
  10. Thumbs up Welcome!

    Hey pulltap, welcome to the board!

    This is a great site for advice, info and motivation.

    Looks like you have a solid plan. I prefer my macros at 40/40/20 and so do many others, but you can adjust the macros as you progress/stall. I agree with switching up the last meal to a slower protein: cottage cheese, casein, even skim milk if you don't like CC.

    Throw in a couple of HIIT cardio days on your cardio only days. Keep it a little more exciting.

    I made a recent transformation myself - 195 @ 20%+ to 158 @ 12-13% since October. As far as loose skin, you are still young and haven't been overweight very long so it should snap back. Use a loofah in the shower to scrub your belly (or wherever you are concerned) and then a good lotion to revitalize the skin.

    Don't let other people derail you - some will try. There is a girl at my job that thought my cuttting calories was "unhealthy" she is puffing on a newport still groggy from the late night out drinking!

    Stay focused and dedicated. It sounds like you are committed.

  11. Wow good for you! I wish I had corrected my weight problem when I was still young. I've also lost alot of weight I was up to 350 at 6'3" when I was 23. Now I'm 260 at 23%BF down from 300 last August. I lost the first 50-60lbs and kept it off for 10 years, I'm now starting my final push to get down to 12%. My goal is to be done by October when I can have surgery as I will need a tummy tuck after 120lb weight loss.

    It looks like you have it pretty dialed in I just have a few tweaks based on my experience.

    I also agree your dietary fats are to low make sure you get your EFA's fat's aren't bad as long as it comes from clean food, fish, flax etc. It's more satisfying, I find if I don't add EFA's I have more problems with craving/hunger.

    I would replace your evening whey shake with a Casein/Whey blend. It will help you retain muscle mass as the Casein has a higher fat content that will slow down the digestive process and supply protien to the muscles for a longer period of time.

    I also use fitday it's great and it's free.

    Here is some reading for reference, it doesn't work for everyone so read it and make up your own mind. I use HST workout and Velocity diet and Berardi eating principles of calorie timing. I also like Lyle McDonalds UD 2.0

    If your looking at speed, Velocity Diet with HST is the fastest way to lose weight and gain muslce I've found. Febuary I lost 17lbs real weight (total was 21 but 4lbs water weight came back) on Velocity diet. I didn't use all the biotest supps other than Hot Roxx Extreme, I made up similar supps from other sources. The principles still apply.
    I didn't use the suggested workout program but used HST instead. HST has worked really well for me sticking to compound movements.
    I went from 275 January 1 to 251 Feb 25th. One month Velocity diet then Berardi. I'm now at 261 after a lean bulk added 6-8 lbs muscle. I now have muslce growth stretch marks on top of my fat stretch marks, lovely! I just Started Velocity diet again yesterday for a month maybe six weeks as I push to [email protected]%.

    I also suggest HIIT, I'm adding it this time to my Velocity diet/HST on off days. HIIT like wieght lifting increases you calorie consumption for up to 36 hours and the body has to repair itself.

    Velocity Diet
    Testosterone Nation - The Velocity Diet

    Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition™

    Lyle McDonald UD2.0
    Bodyrecomposition - Lyle McDonald

    Dr. John Berardi
    Dr. John Berardi, Ph.D.

    HIIT training

    Wish the best of luck on your impending "Buff-a-tude"


  12. Quote Originally Posted by pulltap289 View Post
    Hey everyone...first post.
    How has it been going? I don't see any new posts. I myself have done a pretty good transform so far this year from 245lbs @ (yuck) over 30% bf, down to 205 now, and still dropping. I'd be interested to hear how you are doing.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by pulltap289 View Post
    one more thing I am worried about is having loose skin when I'm done cutting. Do you think that would be an issue? only if i lose the weight too fast correct? My stretch marks are already awful so im not concerned about them
    Just make sure you keep your skin VERY moisterized and it will naturally recede some on its own. Cocoa Butter is great for this. Any ole' cheap mineral oil, or similar based lotion with Cocoa Butter is good. Although if greasy stuff is out, try an alcohol based moisterizer, but you can't beat Cocoa Butter for skin healing power. There's a reason pregnant women use it like crazy during pregnancy. It will help your skin increase its elasticity and as the pressure is let off, it will naturally shrink in some. But there are limits. You may have to resort to some more exotic creams, and eventually a tummy tuck if your physiology hates you. But you ARE young and that's a very good thing. Treat your skin well, and it will respond well.

    Good luck!


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