Weightloss question???with sizeon

  1. Weightloss question???with sizeon

    hey i am ordering SizeOn today and i was wonder is it possible to use this stuff and i heard it gains body fat but can i do something to lose that during the cycle?suggestions

  2. bump it up

  3. So size on has what? 31g carbs. That is not going to make a very big difference unless you are CKD diet. It will probably work fine for a TKD diet. More importantly than the carbs in sizeon, look at your daily/weekly macros. Those are more important. Sizeon gets great reviews just about everytime. I have only tried a sample and drank it during my workout and liked the pump it gave me. No placebo, just my veins larger than ever. Would have to use it more to find out about strength/ muscle gains.

    MY call: Use it!

  4. thanks man great advice!!!

  5. no problem!

  6. have you used SO personally?

  7. Only used a couple samples and I really liked it. I will be purchasing it soon.


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