How accurate are the bodyfat testers in the gym?

  1. How accurate are the bodyfat testers in the gym?

    Ok i weight 203-204 i'm cutting... Till this day i'm still maining my muscle mass due to measurements everyday..(lol scared to lose muscle) anyway i went to the gym and I asked the guy working in the front desk "do you have any equipment were i can check my bodyfat?"

    He goes sure! he makes me hold this small little gadget and i'm sure you guys know what i'm talking about it's those things they have equiped on the treadmill to tell you heart Beats per sec. SO I hold it and it saids i'm 15% now i could be holding water (which i am 99% sure i am) too so how accurate is this?

    I don't feel i'm 15% at all! at my house i have pretty much the same thing but i have to stand on it. It registers me at 26%!!! I know i'm holding water which takes away from the results....I'm buying a couple things to take off the water. my arms are actually growing .3 at 17 inchs and i'm cutting!

    My finger doesn't really go that deep but i think it's water maybe a little bit of fat but not 15 or 26 %

    here is a pic btw i'm 5'8-5'9 at home when i wake up and use the bathroom i weigh 196. at the gym with gymshoes and sweatpants and a shirt 203-204. i eat less than 200 grams of carbs a day. at the gym they use the doctor scales. i htink they are accurate.

  2. If you are flexing in that picture, then I would say you are around 15% BF. I assume it was an electrical impedance machine that you used and they are more accurate than most think. You just have to tinker with the settings and then it is pretty close.

  3. I'm flexing my stomach to prove i can't be 15%

    It's probably water weight from the cycle i'm on right now.

  4. Accuracy with those are dependant on a lot of variables. How hydrated you are, if you are on any stims, temperature etc. I think they are more accurate for monitoring progress when using them under the same conditions moreso than actual %.

    I mean if you're ripped and feel good about yourself does it matter if it says you're at 18% bf over 10%?

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