1. ALCAR or GTE

    first off, I know supps wont make or break a successful dieting exp. but I went back to college and my budget is a little tighter than it used to be and after I buy the *ahem* "necassary supps" and food the little money I have left over I want to get either some alcar or some bulk gte and make my own caps. Which do you guys think would have a greater metabolic effect, I'm personally leaning towards the GTE but you never know, there may be some info out there that I never read that you guys know about.

  2. The two would make a great combo actually. If you really had to choose one, maybe get the alcar and drink some (or a lot of) greentea instead?

  3. GTE... you can get it from Nutraplanet in bulk caps for cheap. And there's more research behind it than ALCAR. (You can also get ALCAR from NP for cheap too.)

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