1. Need good advice/ideas....

    I am looking for a good food suppressant. I want to loose some weight but having hard time accomplishing it. I am not an exercise freak and maybe take a lot of long breaks from exercising. (Can't seem to motivate myself). I am not that heavy. (5'9, 145lbs). If I could I would stop eating completely but I know that's impossible. Anyone can give me some suggestions on what pills/teas/herbs work and what to stay away from? Thanks

  2. if you respond well to stims then EC (ephedra caffeine) would work great. once i take it i dont think about food for the next 3 hours. i would stay away from hoodia because many of the products only have trace amounts of it.

  3. Thanx I have to give it a try....funny u mention Hoodia cuz I took it for few days and seriously that thing doesn't work as good as people say it does.....thanx again

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