Carb Refeed

  1. Carb Refeed

    So I'm on cycle, and I decided to start cutting.

    I have no problem with a clean diet which is 100% clean.

    I have lowered my carbs to around 100-120 a day which feels pretty low, and now day 6 on the diet I can tell I need a carb refeed.

    What do you think of a refeed day where you consume 2x bodyweight in carbs, but almost completely eliminate fats?

  2. I like to consume some fat(Healthy fats from almonds, Natural p-nut butter, etc.) with my carb refeed meal. This help slow down the absorbtion of the carbs and helps to not increase insulin level too quickly. I stick with mostly Complex carbs on refeed meal(sweet potato, oats, greens, throw in some raisins as well for taste.)
    I carb up every 3-4 days or so and it is just for 1 meal that day. The rest of the day I still consume the same amount of meals and the same ratios, just replace 1 of my regular meals with the carb meal.

    Everybody responds differently in different situations. Best bet is to experiment with your diet, etc. and find what works best for you and stick with it.
    Try to make sure your carb day is on a workout day.

  3. Rep points!

    Thanks bro.

    How many carbs for that meal do you eat?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by CryingEmo View Post
    Rep points!

    Thanks bro.

    How many carbs for that meal do you eat?
    Roughly 210grams of carbs in that meal and 30grams of healthy fats. (carbs come from complex sources)

    It is based off your weight and activity level, etc. I am currently folling the cut-diet, since it worked great for me last spring/summer. So my macros may be different than yours. I am 6' [email protected]% BF right now.
    The the carb load strategy is the same bases for any low carb cutting diet. Carb load help reset you metabolism again after being restricted from carbs for awhile.
    My carb refeed meals will gradually use less carbs as I decrease my normal calorie intake every 2-3 weeks or so for my regular everyday meals.

  5. I'm going to experiement and try simple carbs from like bagels (which i never buy) for the refeed.

    If I go every 4 days, I should probably have more than one meal on the refeed day that has alot of carbs.

    Honestly, I don't think I could stomach more than 100 complex carbs in one meal.

  6. Yeah, just experiment and find what works best for you. Everybody responds differently to certain things.


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