Ok I've done several cutting diets and i've been completly faithful with them...Problem is I lose muscle almost everytime...This is because i'm a big fan of ketosis. I did it for a month the first time..the second time i did it only for 4 days at a time. I've been hardcore so i know what it's like to starve....I can handle all that...

This time i want to save muscle. I've been bulking for 3 months with Test En and i've gain some noticable muscle that i want to keep when cutting...


210 This is Plus Water

What's a good diet to help gain muscle while cutting?

Something like this?

Carbs 100 All Complex
Protein 300 Mostly food sources maybe 1-2 shakes

More calories? more food? what am i missing?

I'm kind of scared to hit up the treadmill but if i do how long should i run? 30 mins? after a workout?

I want a six pack so help me out! Thanks