lipoderm and lipo 6

  1. lipoderm and lipo 6

    Hey everyone,
    I post more on the muscle and fitness board, but i have been studying this one for a while, AM offers a wider range of topics, and great reviews, so im glad i finally joined. Anywho, ive been cutting for about 3 weeks, doing P/RR/S, alot with HIIT cardio 3 times a week. I went from 3000 cals to 2500, and have been happy so far. Supplement wise, i have on whey, extend, skips blend, flax seed oil, creatine mono. Im going to mexico in june, thats y im cutting. I was planning on using a fat loss aid starting in april going with Lipo 6. I read in some other threads u reccomend lipoderm. First question which lipoderm do u reccomend ultra, or the the one with caffeine, and second can i stack this with lipo 6, or other reccomendations. Thanks for ur help

  2. I'd go with Lipoderm-Ultra, and yep, you can stack it with Lipo-6.

  3. would u recommend a different brand other than lipo-6

  4. Im currently stacking the two together right now, and its working great!

  5. thanks man good to hear, good luck!

  6. I'm also stacking it to, along with cap cream... Week 2 and my abs are showing pretty damn good!

  7. lucky, i think i should have invested in cap cream......, but im not using the lipo 6 rigt now im saving for when the lipoderm is all gone


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