Kam's New Stack- Stimulant X, New Powefull, Super Cissus RX

  1. Talking Kam's New Stack- Stimulant X, New Powefull, Super Cissus RX

    Right now i'm around 200 pds, bf 16%, I would like to get to 180 and under 10% Bodyfat. I got down to 13% bf and 193 pds 3 months ago but overtrained and took the last couple months off.

    I'll be using a bunch of supplements

    Stimulant X - one of the new strong metabolism enhancers
    New Powerfull- A natural anabolic that helps with your body produce more test and in return more muscle mass, great sleep, increase in libido, etc.
    Super Cissus RX- Helps cartilage, muscle recovery, tendons, and ligaments, for me it allows me to overtrain and a good natural anabolic.
    GNC Mega Man Multi- good multi
    Kre Alkaline- a new creatine god stuff, no loading, good results, push through plateas, helps with protein synthesis and recovery time

    A good protein with 45 grams of protein 60 grams of amino acids with 10 grams of glutamine, clean 300 calorie.

    Saw Palmentto for prostate health to conter the stims and if any sides of the natural anabolics, which there have been none found.

    Echineacha + goldenseal for immune system (little cold)

    Flax seed oil and cod liver oil for good fatty acids

    and melting point a natural fat burner with enhance fatty acids, wanta finish it up from last time.

    Diet is be chicken, Tuna, Broccoli, Brown Rice, other fishes.
    couple times a day, with protein shakes imbetween to curb appetite,

    any beer that will be dranken will be guniess or rolling rock light and that will be done sparely.

    Workout schedule is bi/back, chest/tri, ab/leg throughout the week, with a 10minute cardio before and a protein shake immediatly after, also going to be playing bball and tennis to help with cardio.

    every other day workout schedule, just this is what i'm doing let me know what u guys think besides me taking to many pills.

  2. SOrry i have been mia

    The stack is going well to some extent. I'm not getting the same results I did last time with stims and naturals. As i'm doing less of each

    A new problem i'm having is I wake up late, eat small, go the whole day and by the end of it i'm starving and just go nuts. And it's not good food, sometimes really bad (mcd's yesterday) but i think the new pfull/cissusrx is causing me to eat more to put on muscle.

    I need to go shopping and have good foods around me.

    But in the weightroom I kict ass no explode and empty stomach I killed weights bi and back, still sore, but drank my shake right after.

    I'm doing so many things wrong, i'll post when i get on track.

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