Cutting diet with gear

  1. Cutting diet with gear

    Ok so here is the plan for the next few months. Right now and until May 1st I'll be cutting without the use of gear. So I'm expecting about 1-2 lbs of fat loss per week. I'm going to start the gear (dbol/sustanon: dbol 4 weeks, sustanon 10 weeks) on may 1st with a cutting diet and some clenbuterol for the first 2 weeks and last 2 weeks of the cycle). So at that point, I'm hoping to keep on losing 2 lbs per week of bodyfat while maybe increasing muscle mass. I don't care about the water since I know I'll get water weight due to the dbol but atleast I'll keep/gain more solid muscle than on winstrol. I can lose the water at the end but is my diet. I want some opinions on it.

    Here is the general diet plan
    Day 1: High carbs (300 grams complex carbs very few sugars typically from orange juice after gym or fruit), Medium Protein (250 grams of protein), Don't know about the fat but probably not much...I'll give a list of typical food choices so you can see that I'm getting little fat.

    Day 2: Medium Carbs (200 grams), Medium Protein (250 grams)
    Day 3: Low carbs (100 grams), High Protein (300 grams)
    Day 4: Low carbs (100 grams), HIgh Protein (300 grams)
    Day 5: Low carbs (100 grams), High Protein (300 grams)
    Day 6: Low carbs (50 grams), High protein (300 grams)
    Day 7: Low carbs (50 grams), High Protein (300 grams)

    Here is the general workout plan for the next few months

    6 days a week, 60 min. cardio (fat burn mostly sometimes higher intensity cardio)

    5 days a week, weight training (pretty much every muscle worked on once a week except abs which I do 3 times a week when I cut up)

    Here is the general food choices:

    For carbs: Carb powder (made from complex carbs from grains), Sweet potatoes, fruit (apples only since it's low glycemic)

    For protein: Tilapia Filets, Tuna, chicken breast, and 90% lean ground beef only on sundays (technically the cheat day but not really cause it's very lean beef), Protein shakes (50 gram shakes), Isopure shakes (40 gram shakes), Cottage Cheese (fat free)

    For fats: Probably going to get fats from some of the meat sources and also from the flax seed oil I take in every day to protect my joints and support my immune system.

    ***Aight that's it. This plan seems to work for me every year and I lose stupid amounts of fat and consider that I've done this naturally every year and this is the first year I'll include gear and clenbuterol so I'm sure the results will be much more pronounced but I still want to know what you all think so maybe I can make some minor adjustements since I want this perfect***


    Here is a pic of me all natural after doing a similar cutting diet 2 years ago.

  3. i wanted to to do this, but i'm doing it with naturals and i'm posting it right now, keep is up to date on how everything is going, sounds like you have your ducks in a row.

  4. As for carbs sources, don't forget about other fruits...grapefruit, strawberries, bananas and others are also VERY LOW GI. Sprouted grains such as ezekiel bread and oats are also very good. As far as fats go...I think you should add in some other sources such as almonds, pecans, almond butter, or peanut butter. I personally would not drop fats below 60g a day, but thats just me.

    On another note, fat free yogurt is great as well. Dannon has the light and fit which is 90 calories a cup. I get the strawberry and add in a scoop protein (flavor dependant) with half a banana and some almonds.
    2 cups f.f. yogurt (14p/30c/0f)
    1/2 banana (1/13/0)
    1 scoop protein (25/1/0)
    1/2 oz nuts (4/3/8)
    total: 432 calories, 43p/47c/8f....and tastes like a dessert

  5. Yea I always tend to go low fat which seems to speed the process up nicely. Hopefully the clen will make me lose about 3 lbs per week which would be nice. Btw, I wonder why no one cuts on dbol? I mean given that most people aren't going into competitions they still don't want to. Doesn't it make sense taht you'll gain/maintain way more muscle while cutting on dbol? I mean, how hard can it be to lose the water weight and get some nice rippage during pct. I just don't get this winstrol/test cutting craze seems more detrimental and costly since dbol is more effective than winstrol at even lower doses. Hmmmm....definitely a thinker. But yea, I decided to just use dbol for cutting up for that reason.

  6. By the way risigpi.....your yogurt idea sounds delicious...I'm gonna try that.

  7. Another question I had about cutting up. Why do people believe diet soda is bad even when you wanna lose weight? Is there something in it that prevents you from cutting fat? I don't get it. All trainers said to avoid all sodas, even diet soda during cutting. Diet sodas have ZERO CALORIES. I'm avoiding them anyway and drinking water with my food instead but still...why is diet soda so bad for cutting......don't make no sense!!

  8. Diet sodas may have 0 calories but are filled with all sorts of chemicals that you really don't want to be putting into your body in great quantities. Stick with green tea or water.
    Also, Before you hit the gear, you might want to supplement BCAA's with creatine to help preserve mass. I'm 5 weeks into my cut following John Berardi's "Get shredded diet" and it is working right on point. I have dropped at least 2lbs a week with no loss of strength yet. I am sub 10% right now.

  9. Yea dude, I should. I'm sure I can scrounge up a little extra cash for creatine. I'm taking a whole bunch of other supplements so might as well take creatine too. But so far so first week of cutting is going very nice and I've already dropped 3 lbs. most likely water but I'm sure some of it is fat.

  10. if you cut out all starchy carbs in the diet, expect a 6-10 lb drop the first week. I know you want to believe this might be some fat but its all water, glycogen, etc.... From the second week on, your scale numbers will be more steady and you can see exactly what you are losing. If you have any type of refeed days (carbing up), you'll see that 6-10lbs of water go right back on in a matter of hours.

  11. Yea that sounds about right. I always lose tons of water in the beginning. I know for a fact that I cant lose more than 2 lbs of pure fat per week and if I do lose more than 2 lbs for some reason I assume its water. If my strength goes down too significantly then I start to worry but that wont happen this year since my diet is spot on. Last year I lost too much muscle cause I listened to this one trainer that told me I should generally have no more than 30 grams of protein per meal so thtat came out to about 1 gram per pound of bodyweight. I lost so much muscle! I flattened out and I got injured probably because my body had no time to recover on that diet. He said its pointless to take in more protein cause I would poop it out. What a load of crap. I am doing what I did the first year I cut up very successfully while still looking dense and that is, taking a crazy amount of protein on low carbs days and only slightly less on high carb days. That always keeps me nice a dense and high on strength.


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